Mahala is Upgraded

This morning, I volunteered to go pick up the mail for the office so that I could check for my package and mail my truck payment. It normally takes about fifteen minutes to run down there, grab the mail, socialize with the folks hanging around the post office and get back to work.

But not today.

I stood in line for thirty minutes. When I finally made it to the desk and asked if I had any packages, Postal Employee Rosie sighed heavily and with great angst before walking to the back of the building, grabbing the big, wheeled package basket and pushing it up to the counter.

"What 'cha lookin' fer?"

I half expected her to tell me to come back there and dig through it myself.

She poked around in the basket-cart-doohickey until she found a box from Wal-Mart with my name on it. Hallyfreakinloo-ya.

When I went home for lunch, I ripped into the box, whipped out the vacuum cleaner and a flashlight, cracked open my computer case and attempted to install the new memory. There was a chitload of cat hair and bird feathers in there. It's no wonder the fan had been grunting and groaning like it was about to die. After a little bodily contorting.. no easy feat with a broken toe and sore muscles, left over from my weekend adventure.. I managed to waller, poke and prod the memory chips in to place.

Why are they ALWAYS behind a big azz hunk o' wires?

Anywho, all went as planned and the upgrade was in place a total of 20 seconds before I'd logged on to Second Life to see if I could tell a difference. Okay.. Second Life was NOT the primary reason for spending $100 of the grocery money on a substantial memory upgrade for my computer. I did it so that I could work with Photoshop more efficiently, hopefully resulting in some additional income.

No really... don't look at me like that.

The added advantage of being able to run around Second Life unhindered is just frosting on the cake. If you ever visit Second Life, look me up: Mahala Roviana.

Honest injun.

Ooooo and now I can use Yahoo messenger again too. I hadn't thought about that. When they upgraded it last time, my little computer laid down and said "NO!" On Yahoo: hidden.mahala (don't forget the dot.)

Anywho.. it's nearly time to go home and I have to stop at the dolla store for more potting soil. Me and the Amazon are on a planting spree.

Ya'll have a good one...

Later Taters!