Izzard, Ferguson and Green Thumbs

It's a cool, cloudy morning down in the holler. I've got hash browns with onions and a tray of biscuits in the oven. There's a big, red, juicy Grainger County tomato just waiting to be sliced when it's all done, the coffee's hot, the house is quiet, it's going to be a good day.

Plans for the weekend include a trip to Scary Hillbilly Town to the drug store. I'll probably fill Jolene's tank while I'm out there, the gas tax is less in Tennessee. Tomorrow I'm driving to Hickory to meet and collect the Amazon after her fun filled weekend of Japanese animation excitement.

In between the planned adventures, I'll be puttering around the house, scrubbing here, sweeping there. I need to give the dog a bath and plant some sunflower seeds at some point.

Yeah I know, the most boring weekend ever. But after the hot water heater fiasco two weekends ago and hauling eight years accumulation of trash to the dump last weekend, I need a little boring. Boring can be a good thing.

At the asylum yesterday, Bossman showed signs of humanity. Everyone was gone except me and him. All the managers had snuck out early, even though we have a very strict policy about the days immediately before and after a holiday. He told me to put five on my time card and head out. Okay so.. it was all of thirty minutes but hey.. I'll take what I can get.

Bubbles worked through lunch and left an hour early for another road trip with Bubbahubby and the sisters Precious. She always leaves an hour early when she's going away for the weekend.

Does an hour really make any difference? I think it's just so she can flit up and down the hall and inform everyone that she's leaving early, seizing the opportunity to bore everyone with her vacation plans.

Just a catty observation...

On Thursday, she left early for a doctor's appointment. Does anyone else think it's weird that she had to go to the doc the day before their last weekend road trip?

Coinkidink? Maybe.. maybe not.

Last night I fixed me and Ma cheesy mooburgers for dinner, then curled up on the couch to watch an Eddie Izzard special I hadn't seen before. I've been a huge fan of his since he first started showing up in the American media. His unique spin on religion and world history crack me up.

Eddie Izzard's act is one of those things I'm pretty sure no one else in Frog Pond Holler could appreciate. Guys in drag making references to Noah as played by Sean Connery would be too much for their delicate, southern sensibilities.

I dozed off some where around the end of the special, waking up just in time to watch Craig Ferguson... and feed a very disturbed Ozzy, who had gotten use to being fed by the Amazon much earlier in the evening. I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure he told me off in Newfie when I finally made it out there with his food.

Oh and.. Richard Lewis and Craig Ferguson together? Insanely hilarious. Any time a guest can bring Craiggers to covering his face, yelling and snickering uncontrollably it's worth watching.

It was beautiful man.

The sun's peeking through the trees now. I'd hoped it was going to rain on my container garden, but it looks like I'll need to go out and give them all a little drink. I've got two squash, cucumber, tomato and a few small pots with spinach. The only actual greenery I have is the tomato, but that's because I set a plant out. None of my seeds are showing any signs of life.. yet.

If we had to depend on my farming abilities to live, we'd be in serious trouble.

Anywho, I'd better go jump in the shower and get all beautified for that trip to Scary Hillbilly Town. Ya'll enjoy the weekend.

Later Taters!


Anonymous said...

Boring sounds ok to me too this weekend. Sometimes you just need some down-time. Enjoy!

Dianne said...

Actually I think your plans sound fantastic!

I'm glad you caught Craig and Richard Lewis together. It was hilarious and I loved at the end when Craig said "what we've learned is that when Richard Lewis is on the show we have no time for anything else."

Have a great weekend Lady :)

Mahala said...

I agree.. sometimes downtime is a good thing :)

And yes Dianne, they were hilarious together. Years ago, I had a crush on Richard Lewis.. which seems really weird to me now.

poopie said...

Boring is a VERY good thing. I got off 30 minutes early too...but didn't get paid for it ;) I was ready to get the hay outta there anyways!

Joy T. said...

I'd take boring any day. This week coming up looks to be boring and I can't wait!

Honeysuckle Rose said...

Eddie Izzard is the bomb ... anyone who can do stand-up in French and still make it funny is too cool to live.