We Scare Tourists for Sport

Aww hell ya'll. In the 1.5 miles between the Asylum and the trailer, I managed to nearly kill a couple of elderly Japanese tourists. At the very least, I caused an unscheduled colon cleansing for them both. They'll be needing a cleanup in their little Subaru. Which, by the way, had handicapped plates.

Never let it be said that I discriminate.

I guess I was driving a little fast, me and Jolene (my Silverado.. with the x-cab) barrelling down the little mountain road, heading for lunch. I guess I waited until the very last minute before applying the brake. Being unfamiliar with the area and feeling obligated to slow down for the railroad tracks, I can understand why Mr. Japanese Tourist would assume that I was going to plow into his little hatchback, crushing Mrs. Japanese Tourist into a little Asian pancake.

The best part? When Mr. Japanese Tourist did several repetitive little head bows in gratefulness that I didn't squish them both.

It made me feel kinda bad. I wasn't gonna run 'em over.

And it's only lunchtime.