Spring is Here, Craig Ferguson Isn't and Bitchy McCrankyPants Lives On

Good morning ya'll!

The sun is shining, we're promised a perfect high of around 60°F and the icing on the cake? Bossman is outa here until Friday.

Kin I git a HOORAH?

I spent the better part of last night learning the ins and outs of Google Base, so that I could submit my shop items to their feed. Not a simple task for simple minded folk like me, but I think I got it sorted out. I know some of you sell bead crafts and other things, it might be worth looking into.


The state of the Mahala trailer is starting to annoy me. It seems I've become the maid, cook, zookeeper and hunter/gatherer. This is putting a strain on my otherwise cheerful personality (insert eyeroll here) because after eight hours of being Uber Sales Person Extroidonaire, then coming home and attempting to become Super Duper Interwebs Marketing Genius while running back and forth to the stove and dishwasher, I'm beginning to get just a TAD bit irritated.

My Bitchy McCrankyPants mood lingers on.

Adding to my aggravation is the continued absence of Craig Ferguson from my daily routine. You can't buy RW DVDs in Frog Pond Holler and I've not been anywhere but the grocery store. I forgot to look when I was there. I need to make a run to Scary Hillbilly Town this weekend, surely I can find some there.

Oh yeah, the reason I need to go to Scary Hillbilly Town is to check with Walgreens regarding their prescription plan. The insurance, which I PAY for out of each check, just went up AGAIN. A generic prescription was $37.50 for a 90 day supply. Now, I have to pay a $100 deductible, then $50 for a 90 day supply. Rumor has it, that Walgreens has the same drugs, same quantity, for $12.99.

Now I ask you. If Walgreens can sell it for $12.99, why can't my Big Name Major Insurance Company sell it for less than $50? I think you have to pay $20 a year for the Walgreens program. The real butt biter? I can't drop my prescription coverage while keeping my medical. I'll have to pay for it anyway.


Sorry. It just rubs me wrong. I need a part time job in order to afford my full time job's "benefits." What kind of effed up logic is that?

Day Lord have mercy. I'd better go before they send the Secret Service over here to the holler. Maybe I'll sneak outside and get some fresh air, enjoy the spring temperatures.

Ya'll have an awesome day, kay?

Later Taters!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it seems that a person should be able to drop those kinds of 'benefits'..Sheesh...do they want us to go on welfare??? Or perhaps jail, where all of my needs will be met??? I think that will be my retirement plan: get arrested and live in jail...meals, medical you name it.

Anonymous said...

Take a day off, relax, let it all roll by you.


Rachel said...

HOORAH! Just had to say it.

poopie said...

Before I say Hoorah! let me pose this question. Has the United States government EVER listened?

*hooray* I'll be ordering me some got grits :)

Mahala said...

Woot!! Thanks Poopster :)

Dianne said...

don't worry about the Secret Service coming for you, they're over here watching me.

I had to get the second job to pay for health coverage, most of the part-timers at the giant-ass store are over 50 and working a 2nd job or working through retirement just to afford meds or care for a spouse.

Meanwhile big, greedy companies that screwed people over mortgage rates get bailed out, and still people lose their homes.

Oh Lord! I'm on a rant and I can't afford my meds! I'll stop now.

Bless My Heart.

kenju said...

Don't get me started on meds! The doc changed mr. kenju's prescriptions this morning and then told him to take coQ10 and mentioned it was over the counter - like that was a good thing. It is if you don't mind paying $36 for a month's supply! Darn it all; everytime mr. kenju complains - he gets new and more costly meds!

tiff said...

Health care costs...insurance costs....gah! Time to focus on the nice weather and just let it alllll roll off yer back.

Well, you can TRY.

Joy T. said...

Here's a big HOORAH from Canada!! I say the nice weather is calling you and you should git out there fast.

Jeni said...

And yet, many will say we don't need some type of national health insurance made available to all that is affordable! Go figure the mentalit of those who DON'T see the need for something to be done to make insurance available for everyone to be able to have medical care and prescriptions available without having to take out a small business loan to get it.

Bert said...

I feel so English...