Snippy Staff and Special Ed Scooby

Hellfire and damnation ya'll. I have actually returned as promised. Mark your calendars! Notify the press!

I spent most of the day at the asylum with my head down, earbuds in and trying desperately to mind my own business. With all the shut down rumors flying, people are getting a little snippy. Those same people need to blame someone and the reasonable choice would be the sales department.

That would be me.

So yeah, I tried to hide from the masses for the most part of the day. I was thankful when five o'clock rolled around. I came home to find Dubya and Fuzzy Headed Boy, along with a new member of the Dubya entourage (not yet named) doing something involving aluminum siding, a hammer and a chain saw in the general vicinity of the camper he keeps back behind his house, across the creek, where Hoochie entertains her "clients." I probably wouldn't have noticed, it's a fur piece over there from where I park Jolene, 'cept one of them let out a laugh that can only be described as Special Ed Scooby. I think it was the new guy.

Whatever the hell they're doing over there, I pray it doesn't involve plumbing.

It's almost Friday ya'll. Hang in there.