Grocery Prices, The Trucker Strike and a Touch of Paranoia

Lawd have mercy. I don't even wanna THINK about how much money I spent at the grocery store last night. Have ya'll seen the price off eggs? And cheese? Unreal.

"They" say it's going to get worse. I heard this morning that independent truck drivers were going on strike to protest the cost of diesel fuel. What's that going to do to the price of food? It's enough to make you wanna move back up on the mountain away from civilization and become a hermit.

Speaking of "They," maybe if "They" would stop speculating on the assumptions (to coin a Fergusonism) and just shut up, things would improve. About two weeks ago, I noticed business starting to pick up a little here. The jargon jugglers on the news were saying the housing market was improving and that things were on the upswing. We had actual orders coming in. Soon, the gloom and doomers started up again and boom, business went back in the toilet. I swear, I honestly think the media controls our economy.

So the question is, who is controlling the media?

Oh how very "Conspiracy Theory" of me!

Okay, this shit topic is entirely too deep for me to be tackling this morning.

Moving on..

Bossman has been making lots of little comments, jabs really, regarding people who lie. Someone has apparently pulled a big Pinocchio on him recently and he's not happy about it. Twice I've heard him tell Bubbles, "It's better to tell the truth, that way you don't have to keep up with what lies you've told." Now, I'm not saying it was her that took a tinkle in his Cheerios, but I'm pretty sure someone did. She does seem to be the most likely candidate.

Bossman has also been asking me how to complete certain tasks on our inventory control system. This strikes me odd, always before he said that's what he had sales clerks for. It makes me wonder if they're going to be cutting back. Color me paranoid.

Anywho, enough ranting, raving and bellyaching. I'm going to go be productive.. or something.

Later Taters!


Anonymous said...

I agree - all the speculation in the media only makes matters worse. How about doing some actual reporting...of the facts...Oh, wait, reporters don't know how to do that anymore. Heck, most of them can't spell or write a complete sentence let alone string together a sensible headline!

kenju said...

Groceries are killing me! I will have to stop eating before long. Won't hurt me a bit, I think...LOL

Maybe the boss just wants to check on how other people are doing (or not doing) their jobs??

Dianne said...

"took a tinkle in his Cheerios" - now that's an image.

everyone, everywhere is worried and paranoid. at the giant-ass retail store they're trying to scare the crap out of everyone with threats of being written up if your sales numbers drop, if you don't get enough credit apps and on and on.

Seems the only people who get bailed out of financial trouble are the a'holes who got us into it to begin with.


Melissa said...

My job may be stressful, but it is recession proof. People will still keep getting sick no matter what. I would not trade my stresses for worrying about being laid off.

If you have to teach your boss how to do some of your duties, make it ten times more complicated than it is. Maybe he'll think twice about making staffing changes.

BetteJo said...

It's pretty sad having to worry about our jobs. I'm on my 21st year with the same company and I am not secure. There have been shake-ups and out sourcing has begun. My job can definitely be done by someone in India. Sigh-h-h. And to think I'm finally starting to make enough money to not live TOTALLY check to check. And I'm damn near 50. Okay, now I'm depressed.

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