Bernie Peng, Child Perfume and the Marsh Tacky

Let's talk about something other than my wackydoo co-workers for a change, kay? They've all lost their fool minds and I'd rather not think about it anymore than I have to.

Scouring the news, digging through all the tax filing deadline articles, the mortgage crisis and the rising cost of every damned thing in existence, I finally found something to smile about.

Techno-Geek Bernie Peng spent a month reprogramming his girlfriend's Bejeweled game so that a ring and a marriage proposal would pop up on the screen when she reached a set score.

Luckily, girlfriend Tammy Li rocks out on Bejeweled and hit the mark.

She said yes.

I don't care who ya are, that's just friggen cool as crap.

Moving on...

WTF is "Child Perfume?" Sounds creepy. I bet it smells like crayons and wet wipes. Or peanuts. Little children in need of bathing always smell like roasted goobers to me.


As most of ya'll know, I grew up in Virginia and although I've never visited personally, I always heard stories about the ponies of Assateague and Chincoteague islands. I never realized there was a South Carolina breed derived from the same Spanish stock, the Marsh Tacky horse. Apparently they're endangered, with only about 150 left roaming the shores of S.C.

I always considered myself to be one of those horsey types or at least a horsey type wannabe. I've never owned one, but I took riding lessons growing up (oh yeah, Western Pleasure..add that to my nerditude,) subscribed to Horse Illustrated and wore dorktastic cowboy boots for much of my adolescence.

Hey.. it was the 80's.. no one noticed.

Although I had what I thought was a great deal of knowledge of all things equestrian (just in case God ever gave me that pony I kept praying for. I wanted to be prepared,) I'm pretty sure I've never heard of the Marsh Tacky.

So there ya go. I've got a new wrinkle in my brain. The day isn't a total wash.

In other news, I get to go to Scary Hillbilly Town tonight. I have to hit the Wally World pharmacy. I'm sure a great time will be had by all. After that, I'm taking all my Rx bottles to Walgreens and checking into that drug program I heard about.

I promise to give ya'll a full report.

I only have to work one more day this week, then I'm off for four days. It's time for some serious spring cleaning around the ol' Mahala homestead. It doesn't look like I'll be running off to anywhere exciting, so I may as well use my vacation time to get my house in order.

Anywhere is better than here.

Ya'll have a good one. Later Taters!


craftyhala said...

How funny, I am off for four days as well starting tomorrow, taking a nice and much needed Mahala break.
From one Mahala to another, enjoy!

Editor @ the "Dew" said...

I had the subscription to Horse Illustrated for years! I tell ya we were sisters separated at birth!

How about you do a little write up on the Marsh Tacky for the Dew?

They sure are purty!

Travel said...

Youall should come for the Derby one year.


terri said...

I'm starting to feel that anywhere is better than work too. And I love my job... when there's work to do. The whole subprime mess is messing with our business. Wish I had enough vacation time to take a few days off.

Jeni said...

There's so much insanity around in the world outside of work, gives all kinds of fertile ground for posting, doesn't it?
Never heard of a Marsh Tacky but then again, I am definitely no expert on ANYTHING equestrian.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Marsh Tacky? I'm FROM South Cackalacky and I've never heard of 'em.

tiff said...

I think Marsh Tacky is made up, but if I get a new brain wrinkle from the larnin' of it then I'm happy.

Anonymous said...
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Jackie said...

Marsh Tackies are real horses and they are trying to become the State Heritage Horse of South Carolina. They are awesome! They are related to the Outerbanks horses. Check out the website!