Move Along, Nothing to See Here

It's a nipply 31° in the holler this morning with promises of spring-like temps by this afternoon. I've got my fresh, hot cup of Clover Valley coffee (the Dolla' Genrul house brand.. I'm a little broke this week) and I'm listening to The Blue Oyster Cult jam on "Godzilla" through my nifty new earbuds, plugged into my computer.

No one can get offended by my choice of music, resulting in emergency prayer meetings and I'm immune to catty little passive aggressive comments made by co-workers.

Everyone wins!


I've been struggling with what to write this morning and I'm not having much luck, so instead, here's a list of all the topics I started to cover, but ended up deleting:

Jon and Kate Plus 8 on TLC: I love watching this happy little family, but every angle I tried to write from, seemed creepy and stalkish. I sounded like a crazed, lonely old spinister peering in the window of the semi-normal family down the road.

Not a good image for me.

The Critters: Sammy's still hairless, scratching constantly and I'm completely at a loss as to what to do to fix it. I'm hoping he can get a steroid shot soon.

Spooky still won't go in my room and her litter box is sitting in the hallway where I trip over it daily. I'm convinced she thinks I did something horrible to Scotty to cause his death in there. Seriously, you carry her in there and she cries and runs like hell in the opposite direction.

Yoda is still psycho, in that cute Chihuahuaranian sort of way.

I'm Broke: Hell, I'm sick of hearing myself say it, so I know ya'll have to be tired of me whining about it.

Bubbles: Again.. sick of hearing myself say it.. etc.

Anywho, I think I'm experiencing a case of the end of winter / pms onset / I'm so cranky I could slap a puppy (not really) writer's dry spell.

My plan is to just ride it out, this too shall pass.

Ya'll have a good one :)