A Date with Mr. Clean

I've been trying to get here all day. Honest.

We've been having modem/server/computer issues all day, making it like.. a royal pain the keister to get a flippen thing accomplished.

Don't they realize I have interwebs responsibilities to tend to???????


Things have been a bit more complicated than usual due to the calling in of the shipping clerk. This means PG has been taking care of S & R. PG is clueless about S & R. When PG hasn't been parked in my office whining like a three year old who desperately needs his nappy time, he's been calling me.. like very ten minutes.. asking me shipping questions.

I've had three positions in accounting, one in production control and now sales. Do you see shipping or anything SHIPPING RELATED in that list?

I really enjoy it (not) when he parks his hiney in the corner of my office, reading MY copy of the Hee-Haw County Weekly, while asking me to hurry up filling out the form HE'S supposed to be doing anyway.

Sometimes when I get lonely for companionship, God sends a man to remind me that being single isn't all bad.

Just sayin'.

Anywho, that's my day so far.. how's yours going?

Tonight I'm going to tackle some domestic duties. The house is getting a little rank. It's like.. if a murder were to occur in my trailer and they were to send over Frog Pond CSI agents to solve the case, they'd never be able to decipher the crime scene from the day to day grossness of my abode.

There are some dried up puddles of mystery fluids on my kitchen floor who's origins I can't even begin to imagine.

It's nasty ya'll.

I really do need to get a handle on the housework because I'm seriously broke.

Bear with me here..

I've got this idea to make some extra dough, which I always plan on doing on weekends, but by the time I do everything else I need to do on the weekends, I really don't feel like dealing with anything that requires more than like.. six brain cells.

So yeah.. that's why my dirty house is making me broke. We'll chalk it up to Mahala logic.

Anywho, PG beckons. I'll see ya'll later.

It's Humpday.. hump it real good ya'll.


DG said...

Mahala, you MUST write a book. Even a small one - just something to tell the world about Frog Pond Holler.

It would be hysterical and you'd get residuals from the sale of the book. Use your history of posts as a start.

I think it would sell.

Travel said...

Tis good to hear from you, I have somehow survived day 3 of five days of hell. What was I thinking when I scheduled all of this work in March and April. I'll be back to normal in June. (In May I am team teaching a class three nights a week and going to Chicago for a trade show that no one would believe.)


terri said...

I hate it when work gets in the way of blogging.

BetteJo said...

I totally understand that logic.

Is that scary?