Life in the Holler

The absence of posting here has probably lead ya'll to believe that I'd done up and died.

Not to worry, I will live to post again.

I left work early on Friday due to an intestinal attack of ginormous proportions, which continued on through Saturday. However, never let it be said that mountain women aren't tough as I still managed to dye my hair, with highlights even and go to the grocery store in between my extended visits to the potty palace. Just when I thought all was said and done, there came the Saturday night puke fest, which lasted on until the wee hours of Sunday morning.

Other than feeling like I've been beaten with a stick in my sleep, I'm much better this morning.

I would have let ya'll know sooner, but the computers were down at the asylum when I arrived.

Technology is such a pain.

Anywho, we'll get caught up in a bit. In the meantime, ya'll have a good one :)


Rachel said...

Well, at least your hair looks good!

tiff said...

one must have good hair, and heck, you were spending a lot of time in the bafroom anyhow, so why not make good use of it? ;)

Glad you're feeling bettah!

Anonymous said...

Aww...sorry...wasn't even the grag n go and go and go...was it??

Mahala said...

rachel: yes, hag hair be gone!

tiff: fanks darlin! I think I'll live :)

Anony: can't blame the grab n' go this time, whatever it was, I hope it's over lol.

poopie said...

Sorry hon...I hear it's been going around and around and around.

Jeni said...

But at least you're here now and that's the important thing, ya know. I have always believed if I am sick -bad cold or otherwise (as long as I am able to get up and out of the house anyway) getting some attention done to my hair -whether it be by my own doing or a hairdresser, generally gives me a heck of a good uplift. At least enough to see me thru the duration of whatever it is that is ailing me at any rate.

Glad you're back and feeling semi-fit for human consumption.

Dianne said...

glad you're feeling better!

I had a mini puke fest of my own last night, I never throw up, what the hell was that about!?

Maybe I was sympathy barfing?

Travel said...

It is great to hear that you are still among us. Take care and get better soon, we need your sense of humor.


Travel said...
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Bah said...

Feel better, pal.

AC said...

Admit it, you tried some kilt lettuce, didn't you.

I am religious about using those hand sanitizer towels on shopping carts and if I have to sit somewhere in public, like at the library or waiting for my mom's prescriptions, I never touch the chair arms. So far, this season, so good.

Hope this doesn't recur and you are hoppin' by the weekend.