Frozen Falling Goodness

It wasn't a-hole deep, but it did snow in the holler last night. We got a few inches, which I know is nothing to ya'll of the northern persuasion, but down here anything more than a dusting is an event. More of the white stuff is forecast to fall through tomorrow morning.

A few of the menfolk have stopped and peered into my cellblock cubicle, grinning, to ask if I'd "jerked 'er down inta fo' wheel drive" this morning.

Goober please.

Jolene has tires taller than my kneecaps, I hardly think I need to start "jerkin' 'er down" for three inches of snow.

Of course Bubbles' customers are all being told that she has more snow than anyone else in a 100 mile radius and it took her 30 minutes to drive the two miles to her mother-in-laws this morning to drop the youngins off.

Dang. If you ask me, if you can't operate that shiny white Jeep assault vehicle SUV any better than that, maybe you should keep your skanky ass home.

Just sayin'.

Moving on...

Tomorrow is Lulu's birthday, she's turning the big four-oh. She's asked that I refrain from baking a cake, too many calories and fat grams that she'd feel obligated to partake of.

Maybe I can wrap up a bag of sugar free/fat free/taste free cardboard tastin' pseudo candy or something. I'll have to see what the Dolla Genrul has to offer.

Anywho, it's Humpday and ya'll know what that means..

Hump it real good.

Later Taters!


tiff said...

All this jerkin' and Humpin's no good for my concentration, woman!

Rachel said...

LOL. Why don't you give Lulu a rice cake with a candle?

poopie said...

*sniff* Ya'll got my snow!

Mahala said...

LOL tiff: shame on you trying to work n' stuff anyway.

rachel: there's an idea!

poopie: and we're still gettin' it.

Inanna said...

I tried to hump it real good, but he had to go to work... LOL! Okay, I lied, my who-ha is actually down for her monthly maintenance and I doubt I'll see him for another 8 months.

That was a bummer.

terri said...

Why is it that I live in a state that is known for the over-abundance of snow, yet the snow is falling everywhere BUT here? Not that I'm complaining!

Jeni said...

Last night (Tuesday night, that is), they were saying on the weather reports that we were going to get a fairly heavy snowfall over night and off and on throughout the day today too. I think we got a dusting. I wasn't paying any attention to the weather forecasts tonight although I probably should have been since Thursday (later today now ya know) is my "date" with some of my old classmates. Boy, hope none of them reads these comments and sees that I just called them "old" or I'll be in the doghouse for sure won't I?
So, did you find something lo or no-cal to give Lulu for her big 40th b-day? And you called the shot right about Bubbles and her tank -er, jeep 4-w drive buggy that she needs to be re-road tested if it takes her 30 minutes to go 2 miles!
Hope your "humpday" went as smoothly as any humpday can go anyway.

BetteJo said...

The "menfolk"! *tee hee!!!*