Removing Bio Hazards and Dispensing Laxatives

After work yesterday, I went home and convinced the Amazon to help me get the bio hazard recliner out on the porch. It took some rearranging, grunting and spider wrangling but we finally got it wallered out the front door. Hopefully, tomorrow I can back my truck up next to the porch and we can just shove it off the end, then haul it to the dump. In the meantime, it's laying on it's side on the front porch, in true redneck style.

They're calling for another snow "event" tonight and tomorrow. I even caught mention of "snow in the North Carolina mountains" on Good Morning America this morning. We've hit the big time!


I'll believe it when I see it.

I found an employment ad for an administrative assistant in the Hee-Haw County Weekly. It's for one of the developments going in up on the mountain. I'm going to give them a call when I go to lunch.. ya never know!

Yesterday I linked to the crazy Tom Cruise Scientology video that's been making the rounds on the internet, then last night / this morning Craig Ferguson spoofed it on his show. He cracks me up and creeps me out a little, he looked just like him.

Anywho, I'd better get it in gear. Bossman, Mr. Personality himself, has been pacing up and down the halls rubbing his bald head and grunting like a silver back gorilla. Maybe if I slip a laxative in his coffee it'll help his mood?

Ya'll enjoy your Friday.

Later Taters!


Dianne said...

I loved Craig's bit about Tom Cruise, his eyes were scary - Craig really caught the essence of loony.

Good Luck with the latest new job opportunity - I'll be crossing my fingers for ya'

Have a great weekend.

Mahala said...

Thanks Dianne :) I checked on that job, it's waaaay on the other end of the county, on top of a mountain by the ski resort. It would be a helluva commute lol.

Dianne said...

"... on top of a mountain by the ski resort. It would be a helluva commute lol."

Oh but think of the ski instructors!

Something will come along, I just know it.

Anonymous said...

I like the solution for the boss. I had a meeting with Perky Chirpy this morning. She has worked in the coroded building to long, no brain cells left. Maybe you have a good idea, can we get that in the water for a whole office building with about 2000 people working in it, they really need it!


newduck said...

Tom Cruise creeps me out. He was so cute when he was young, like a million years ago in Risky Business. But something clearly went extremely wrong in that boy's head.

SnoopMurph said...

Hi there! I came via Jeni's blog and wanted to see the Craig Ferguson posts! I love him and we had the chance to see him live in Phoenix back in November doing stand-up. I cannot wait to see his show in LA at some point.

I'll have to check in more often to see you!


Jeni said...

I'm thinking the laxative in the Bossman's coffee probably won't hurt anything at any rate. May help give a clearer outlook on life!
Stop by my blog as I have an award there -yes, a "major award" just for you to come by and pick it up!