Finding a Job, Rejection and Flirting With the Wrong Man

As ya'll know, I've not been a happy camper here at the Asylum for a while now. Between my oh-so-precious co-worker, the putrid air quality and lack of adequate pay, I've been driven to find a better job. The urgency of my search was stepped up a bit when the PPP fiasco combined with my buying a "new-to-me" truck left me scrambling for enough to pay my bills. Wednesdays have sort of unofficially become the day I've set aside to check job listings, mainly because that's the day the Hee-Haw County Weekly hits the stands.

Remember that government job I applied for last month? I received a nice little rejection letter from them yesterday. "Although your application was considered for the position, another applicant was hired."

Translation: "You Suck."

I checked all the online job listings this morning. There's nothing within a reasonable distance that I'm qualified for. I'll pick up a paper at lunch, ya'll keep those fingers crossed for me.

In other news...

I stopped in at our little hometown grocer yesterday, where I found the very friendly, somewhat attractive son of the owner working. He's only there a couple of days a week, working at the family's other business most of the time. I've always been sorta sweet on him, he's my age and we always cut up and carry on when I'm in there.

Unfortunately, he prefers the company of men, a tidbit of information understood amongst the townsfolk but never spoken of. I would have appreciated it if someone would have clued me in a little sooner, I came dangerously close to making an ass of my self.

Anywho, while talking to him, I mentioned trying to sell my car, how much I wanted for it, etc. Low and behold, his nephew is in the market for an el cheapo fixer upper.

There is hope. He's going to let me know tomorrow.

Ya'll have a good Humpday. Hump it real good.