When Dirty Boys Collide

Due to the complicated politics at the Cubicle Asylum, the only person I really talk to anymore (other than what is required to perform my job) is Lulu. The same can be said for her after the nuclear meltdown that the normally mild mannered, easy going Lulu had about six months ago, which resulted in screaming, tears, meetings and threats of job termination (I wasn't involved in that one, thank goodness.) We joke that we've managed to alienate the rest of the office, so we're stuck with each other for the duration.

It's a good thing that we have so much in common, although it amazes me when you consider the totally opposite environments we grew up in. Maybe it's the shared genealogy, something about familiarity in DNA. I'll never forget the day I discovered we were distantly related, then in an effort to prove me wrong, Lulu began her own research and found we were related three more ways.

One topic we whole heartedly agree on is the absolute sexiness of Mike Rowe, host of The Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs." There is something about that man, covered in muck, beyond disheveled, grinning with those pearly whites shining out from the goo and saying, "I'm a dirty dirty boy," that makes you want to pack up and move to where ever he is.

A fine hunk o' man meat.

So ya'll can imagine my joy.. nay.. my absolute freakin' GLEE when I discovered that Mike Rowe will be appearing with Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show this Friday night.

I'm not sure I'll be able to contain myself while watching both Craig Ferguson and Mike Rowe occupying the same space. I mean, they're both dirty boys, in different ways. Ferguson is still the big kahuna, but I have to admit, Mikey is a close second.

It's going to be a good week. I can feel it.

Later Taters!


Anonymous said...

oh yes, mike is definately a hottie....for me though its the booming bass voice that gets my attention


Anonymous said...

hope you are having a good monday and the goodness continues through the week. what would we do without your stories of frog pond holler...I so wanna move up there.

kenju said...

I like his voice too, and his sense of humor.

Mahala said...

Aarin, he does have a sexy voice, but his sense of humor cracks me up.

teri, it is a pretty place. If I had my choice I'd live a little closer to Big City though.

Kenju, he's just a pretty man lol.

Travel said...

Don't hold back, enjoy yourself!


Miz said...

Oh yeah, Mike makes me want to get dirty too.
Photo of the dead car is up, drop in and take a peek.

Laura said...

Mike Rowe is my #1 pretend boyfriend ... MMMEEEEYOWW!!!

Mahala said...

travel: I'm saving it up for Novemeber lol.

miz: LOL he has that effect on people. I saw the car, that's scary.

laura: Lord Have Mercy!!! Calm down before you hurt yerself!!!!