It Was Such a Simple Little Task

It's hot people. The kind of hot that makes for crusty crevices and trapped moisture between belly rolls. Nasty hot.

As with most things, it could be much, much worse and I could be out west where it's beyond crustiness. It's enough to make you want to move to Canada.

So anyway, I decided to call the Big City theater to see when the tickets go on sale for the Ferguburgers visit in November. I went to the CBS website and programmed the phone number listed into my phone so I could go outside later and call. I really don't need everyone in the office all up in my business. They're so far up my butt now that I can't pee without getting asked about how it went when I finish. But anywho...

We're not allowed to use cellphones unless we're on break, so if I want to make a call, I just go out to the smoking area and use my phone. I dare them to say anything, they didn't have a problem with me going out there to smoke whenever I wanted and now that I've quit I should still be allowed to take the same breaks right? It's Mahalalogic.. just deal with it and move on.

Anyways, after I entered the one major weekly order from our one big customer that keeps us in business, not that I'm critical to the operation or anything (ahem), I took a break outside. I had to give myself a mini pep talk before placing the call because of my social tardedness, rehearsing what I had to ask before I dialed. I took a deep breath, dialed the phone and waited for Big City Theater to answer. I was hoping, praying for a recording so that I wouldn't have to speak to an actual person. What I got was some guy's voice mail who was sorry he was away from his desk but he had meetings to go to all day and if my call was urgent, I could feel free to call Marcia.

What the?

I hoped I had gotten the number wrong because I really didn't want to talk to this guy and my call surely wasn't "urgent" so I really didn't want to bother Marcia with my inquiry. I went back inside, went back to the CBS website and checked the number, which was correct. Something had to be goofy so I checked the website for the theater which had no mention of Craig Ferguson. I found another phone number, this one for the box office, which was one number off from the one I had. Aha! A typo! A valid, non-stalkerish excuse to email The Late Late Show and let them know there was a small error on their site! I called the box office number and listened to the recording, which also had no mention of Ferguson.


I went back to the CBS site and clicked on the link they'd provided to the Big City Theater, which took me to the Big City government site, where I couldn't even find a link to the theater. Finally I just said the hell with it and Googled the theater name to find it's website again, where I found.. no shit.. the phone number of the director's office which was the number I called to begin with. Apparently Marcia is the booking manager...

So now I'm all distraught wondering if I should zip an email off to CBS to let them know that something is amiss, but if I'm wrong and they meant to list that number, then I'm going to look like one of those celebrity obsessed old ladies that live on the end of a dead end street with 38 cats and two pit bulls named "Honee" and "Shuga", that write letters to the characters on "General Hospital" and reek of old tomato soup and Lemon Pledge.

On the other hand, if I don't say anything and it was a mix up and people try to get tickets and are put off thinking they've dialed a wrong number while trying to get information and then they give up, then the show could be cancelled... AND IT'LL BE ALL MY FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I still don't know when tickets go on sale or if, perhaps, I've just imagined the whole thing.

Chocolate.... I need.. chocolate


Travel said...

Chocolate is always the answer; no matter what the question. Go ahead and call the box office and ask, the worst that can happen is they think you are silly (at least you aren't calling from a mental ward, I had two calls from an old client who is now a patient in a mental hospital, thank god they finaly admitted her.)


Mahala said...

travel: Okay, I'm going to need details about the client in the mental ward and that brother you sorta mention on occasion lol.