I'm Getting Way Too Old for This

The rain is pouring down outside, fat free wienies are steaming on the stove and there's a container of store bought tater salad on the counter. As far as I'm concerned, dinner is done.

It would have been a long, boring day at the Cubicle Asylum if it hadn't been for Lulu coming back from a week's vacation and Bubbles having a passive aggressive hissy fit to spice things up. In regards to the hissified spectacle, I think I got called a snot and Lulu was dubbed "Miss Popular." I was working on a spreadsheet and listening to the radio so it was about a fourth of the way done before I even realized what was going on. I think it was when Bubbles told Lulu that she was just too nice to tell the snotty people to "go on" even though she didn't really want to talk to them that I finally took notice.

I'm not fighting it anymore. I've come to accept a few things about my professional career:

  1. I work at Romper Room

  2. I can't get along with anyone for more than a month. Lulu is a fluke, probably because we share such a large percentage of inbred DNA.

  3. Minding your own business gets you dubbed "snot."

Weeeeeelllll screw it. At least as long as I work there, I've got plenty to blog about :)

Tomorrow is another day, stay tuned to this channel for "As the Cubicle Turns"


Miz said...

Like the new template, the animals are cute....where is the hamster?

Mahala said...

Awww the hammie died a little bit ago. I do need a picture of crotchedy Merlin though :)

aka_Meritt said...

... every work place across America is... the Romper Room.