Hairless Butts and Dirty Boys

Lawd have mercy. If ever there was a time to be thankful for the end of the week, this is it. At least three acres of rain forest had to die to create all the papers covering my desk. Yesterday was so nuts that by the time I got home, all I could manage was to lay in a semi fetal position on the couch, staring off into space, a bit of drool oozing from the corner of my mouth.

I apologize for the lack of post yesterday, I don't want ya'll to think I was so overcome with joy from seeing Craig Ferguson in prime time the night before, that I was rendered senseless.

Bossman is on vacation until sometime next week, thank goodness. The only drawback is when problems arise that require someone to take on the personality of a psychotic neanderthal in order to get results, it's left up to me. Not that I'm not good at it, it's just a bit tiring after a while. I've only had to go ape knuckles on the purchasing guy once so far and he survived without any bloodshed... this time. He may lose an ear if I have to go up there and rip him a new one again.

I have no patience for whiners.

The Amazon made another vet appointment for the Boston Baked Beagle for Monday. Soon after the steroid shot wore off, he began scratching again, then chewing and now he is once again sporting a hairless butt and a flaming red underbelly. I can't figure out what he's so allergic to. The dog lot is weedeated down to the bare dirt and although he might have the occasional flea it's nowhere near enough to warrant the gawd awful inflammation he's suffering through. I did some research on the internet and read about food allergies in dogs. We'd been feeding all the dogs the store brand from the dollar store. I read that most food allergies in dogs are from corn meal (and other articles that said that was hogwash.. so really.. who friggen knows?) and upon checking the ingredient label I was disturbed not only to find that corn meal was the first one listed, but that high fructose corn syrup was in the top five. Well no damned wonder they ate it. It was a big heaping bowl of meat flavored pooch candy.

I scoured the pet food aisle, flipping every single bag of dog food over to check the ingredients. Almost every bag was mainly corn, even those with "meaty" in the name. It doesn't seem natural to me for dogs to be eating corn as their main food source. I finally found a bag of some "all natural" food that listed rice and lamb meal as the main ingredients, one that wouldn't completely break my budget. The dogs love it, practically inhaling it. They've been on it for about a week, but Sammy still scratches, still chews.

We bathe him, feed him Benadryl (which helps a little, but doesn't stop it) I hate to see him suffering but I'm at a loss over what else to try. If ya'll have any ideas or have had similar problems, let me know.


I had the pleasure of feasting my eyes on both Craig Ferguson and Mike Rowe over my morning coffee. Two grown men discussing the finer points of poo, is it sad that I enjoyed it so much? I'll have to watch it again this afternoon, I missed bits and pieces while getting ready for work.

I think that gets us caught up for now. I'm going to attack this monster pile of papers on my desk.

Ya'll enjoy your Friday.


Anonymous said...

"Hairless buts and dirty boys," you sure know how to grab my attention!

Good luck with the BBB.


the gritlet said...

I'm supposed to hear from Matt's mother sometime soon, so I'll run the question about Sammy by here. (His dad's a vet, owns his own office. They've seen pretty much everything there is to see.)

Mahala said...


gritlet: Thanks! I'm starting to wonder if it's an OCD thing.

Bert said...

I come onto your blog and and I am faced with the words Hairless Butts and Dirty Boys. Obviously this made DG want to read on. Obviously DG and I differ on this point.

aka_Meritt said...

Out of every 3 'little' dogs I know 1 is named Sammy. What IS it with that name and little dogs? Especially weiner dogs... but little dogs in general. Fully one third of them are named Sammy!????

Mahala said...

bert: Ohhhhh loosen up :p

meritt: I don't know about the others, but the Amazon named our hairless wonder after a character from Lord of the Rings.. or one of those movies.

Miz said...

Oh dang! I ment to watch that...wonder if it is posted somewhere?

Miz said...


Mahala said...

I'm glad you found that miz, I didn't keep the recording I'd made for Lulu. She'll be pleased :)