The Best Intentions

Remember all those things I was going to accomplish today? I had grand intentions for my extra day off. All I actually did was clean up two ginormous piles of bills, receipts and other assorted papers that have been gathering bird seed and feathers beside Merlin's cage for an embarrassingly long time. And I cooked dinner.

There was also a nap. I have my priorities.

It was too hot to do anything too involved. The temperature soared above ninety outside and when you live in a tin box, the air conditioner can only do so much when it gets out of the eighty degree range. So I watched some of the Twilight Zone marathon, a little of Eddie Izzard and the segment with Wolfgang Puck from the Late Late Show recording from last night. I love when he's a guest on the show, Puck and Craig Ferguson should take their act on the road. Oh yeah and Craig looks dead sexy in that chef hat.

It's almost time for the Boston Pops fireworks thingie on CBS, hosted by the Fergburger himself, so I'll catch up with ya'll tomorrow.

Like I said... priorities.


AC said...

I was almost falling asleep when I heard it announced that Mr. F. was to host the Boston fireworks. I thought of you.

It is awfully hot over here too and dry as tinder. I was worried about all the neighbors setting off quite a fireworks show but hopefully not our woods and wonder if today we'll find cowering in our barn a freaked out dog or two. We usually do.

Karen said...

I, too, thought of you as I tuned into the very last of the Pops show. I saw Mellancamp and I watched the fireworks display, alternating between Boston and our city's televised display.

kenju said...

I did the same as Karen, and I thought of you as well. Hope you enjoyed it.