Beans, Wienies and Stalkers

Lawd have mercy. I work all day, come home and everyone is asleep, even the animals. They're like hibernating bears, they'll want food when they wake up, growling, rubbing their eyes and stretching, so I've got beans and wienies in the oven. I think Ma figured out that I've been buying fat free hot dogs, which I stocked up on because they were on sale cheap, so now I have to disguise the fat free-ness by burying them in beans. If ya'll tell her my secret, I'm not going to be happy.

After I tossed the bean and lean wienie mixture in the oven, I decided to straighten up the kitchen a bit, which involved lugging the trash out. There was also some litter box scooping, but I'll spare ya'll the details. Anyway, after hauling the trash bag out, I stopped on the porch and lingered a bit. I used to stand out on the porch a lot when I still smoked, it was how I kept up with what the neighbors were doing. I didn't stay out there long, because not one minute after I propped up against the rail, Slowboy (formerly known as Lawnmower Man, but me and Lulu have renamed him) went driving by in his pickup truck with his youngins.

It's been seven months since I quit smoking and hanging out on the porch, yet that boy is still riding up and down my road every day. I catch a glimpse of him sometimes when I'm washing dishes, slowing down as he passes the trailer, craning his neck and looking around.


This week is almost licked. Ya'll hang tough.

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