Society Makes Me Cringe

Today at the office, me and Lulu were discussing the Hollywood tartlets and their use of Adderall as a weight loss drug.

"You see them wearing those low-cut dresses and they ain't got nothin' up top, nothing but their breast bone sticking out. Does anyone really think that's pretty?" Lulu asked.

"I know, but apparently someone thinks it's attractive," I replied.

"Me and you oughta go out there to California and show 'em what real women look like!!! Why them men out there would probably run off, scared too death!!"

After this little exchange, she and I had a good laugh but she has a point. Who decided that rail thin with bones sticking out was pretty? What are we as a society forcing young women to do to themselves to conform to some freakish idea of beauty? If someone is naturally thin, that's one thing, they're just being themselves and that should be enough, but when young women are choking down pills, puking and starving themselves to live up to someone's idea of perfection.. something is wrong.

The media is constantly screaming that our country is overweight, then they turn around and ramble about self esteem and loving yourself. Ten minutes later they're following the skeletal remains of the Olsen twins around, commenting on how beautifully thin they are, when they look as if they'd snap under the weight of their own clothes.

Arghh. I'll stop rambling..

Later Taters.