Eric Idle, Zombies and Spooky Children

I'm enjoying my lunch break today from the comfy confines of my little corner of the Cubicle Asylum. The Amazon kept the hippy van to see about getting the door fixed, so I decided I'd take my chances and enjoy my mid-day nourishment with some gray mystery meat from the wheel of death. The package says "roast beef" but it tastes like it could be one of the less fortunate Preakness Stakes losers. Later today I'll try to get a picture of the actual wheel of death and maybe devote an entire post to the culinary wonders which dwell within.

My spiffy new monitor came today and it's GINORMOUS!!! Ok, maybe I exaggerate just a bit, but compared to my flat screen at home it's pretty big. The fact that it is the only flat screen in the whole office hasn't done much to help my popularity, but that's a lost cause anyway. At least Lulu still appreciates me.

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk, listening to some Wolfmother and quietly working like a good little bee (*cough*) when I heard a strange sound getting louder and louder and drowning out my radio. Granted, due to my musical tastes differing so much from most of the residents of Frog Pond Holler, I keep the volume pretty low. I don't want to be accused of "debbil wership" or tempt anyone to form a posse to come to my house in the dead of night, abducting me in my birthday suit and carrying me down to the river, where I'd be tossed in to see if I sink or float. What I heard were the voices of children, singing old hymns in a creepy tone, like a scene from Children of the Corn. I was frightened at first, then I realized it was Bubbles and Louise discussing some kind of church event for the children's choir. Now I'll be the first to admit, I'm no Patsy Cline, but at least I have enough sense to know it. I've heard Bubbles and Louise both sing and believe me, if they're responsible for teaching those youngins in preparation for some kind of competition, there's gonna be some hound dogs around Frog Pond Holler a'howlin' in protest. I think Ma said it best when she used to say that certain daughters of hers sounded like "a dying mule in a hail storm" while entertaining themselves by singing along with the radio in the car on long trips.

Did I ever mention that I'm an only child?

Eric Idle was on with Craig Ferguson last night / this morning. The Amazon loves all things Monty Python and due to a series of events, she was up to see Mr. Idle last night on The Late Late Show. You see, I sort of dozed off while watching The Discovery Channel, some show about searching for mythical creatures. The fact that I fell asleep is no reflection whatsoever on the show. I was still kind of puny from the previous days digestive adventures and just sort of faded out by 9:30. I woke up at around midnight, mumbling something like "Oh Gaaaaaaaawd," and looking down towards the end of the couch at the Amazon, sitting in the chair with her laptop. The brain fog was like cold tater soup as I mentally tried to decipher what I needed to hurry and do before I staggered down the hall to bed.

I needed to take my drugs, feed Ozzy, cover Merlin, I was trying hard to sort it all out when the Amazon looked at me and said, "Mommy!! Did you know that June 13th was Blog like it's the End of the World Day?"

"Uhhh.. erm... no.. I did not."

"Actually, it's Blog like the End of the World, when Zombies Attack day!! You should see what I wrote, it's AWESOME!! And my friend, when she read it..."

She went on as I staggered off the couch and tried to sort out my thoughts. I'm not sure what all she said, there was something about a pug and a posse from Greensboro, it's not very clear. Anyway, it was too late for me to set the DVR to record Craig Ferguson, so the Amazon volunteered to stay up and record it for me.

Anywho, I'd better get back to work.

Later Taters!


kenju said...

You are so funny! Enjoy that new screen; I wish I had one.

Tori Lennox said...

Dang and all I wrote about on the 13th was whales!

the gritlet said...

I read that post of the Amazon's at about 5:45 on Wednesday morning.

I had my phone in my hand and the number ready to go by the end of the first paragraph. Fortunately for y'all, I realized it was a Zombie thing before it was too late. xD

Mahala said...

thanks kenju, I will :)

tori, I didn't know anything about it.. go figure!

LOL gritlet!