Ninjas vs. Pirates

Lawd have mercy, what a day.. and it's only noon!!! I've been busy as all get out, Bubbles seems to have a bug up her hiney (which isn't really a bad thing.. at least it's been quiet) and there's been an uprising amongst the men folk. I'm not sure what caused the stir amonst the men, but there was some hollerin' and carrying on coming from the GM's office first thing this morning.

As everyone around me fussed and fumed and showed their hineys, I sat at my desk grinning like I didn't have a lick of sense. Having grown up in a metropolis and ending up living here in the podunk capital of the south, I enjoy listening to radio stations from far off places as a mini escape from the reality that is Frog Pond Holler. Lately it's been a rock station from L.A., KROQ. While everyone else in the office was having their little emotional breakdowns, I was listening to a heated discussion on ninjas vs pirates. I laughed out loud .. I even snorted a little. One co-worker asked me what the hell I was so happy about, to which I just smiled.

Simple things make me happy.