It's A Boy!

Saturday night I had the weirdest dream. I was a nurse, working in a hospital alongside a chubby little woman of color who was always smiling, always had a kind word. I was wearing a colorful smock, my hair was long and pulled back in barrettes on the sides. Oh yeah and I was pregnant. The halls of the hospital were long and winding, it seemed like I had to walk forever to get to my station. The direction I took cut through the cafeteria which had huge windows where I noticed that it was always night when I was going to work. I must have been working third shift. There was a lot of discussion about my pregnancy, I knew it was a boy and I was excited about it. People were patting my tummy, wishing me well and bringing me gifts.

The only time during the dream when my chubby little friend wasn't smiling was one night when one of her patients passed away.

When I started to wake up, this dream was so real that I began questioning how I could have gotten pregnant, it having been an embarrassingly long time since being exposed to those substances that cause pregnancy. I realized that it wasn't possible, that there must be some kind of mistake and was worried sick about how I was going to explain to people that I wasn't pregnant.

This was one of those dreams where you're not only experiencing it, but you're also seeing it from the third person point of view, almost as if you're seeing someone elses life. I didn't look like myself in the dream nor was my personality really like "me."

It's weird when a dream has that kind of grip on your psyche. It was a huge relief when I finally got awake enough to realize that it wasn't real.


Kim said...


Travel said...

Imacuate conception is always an option (just kidding!)


kenju said...

It (or the underlying symbology of it) probably has great importance for you. Think about it and see where (if) there might be parallels in your current life. Sometimes pregnancy doesn't mean a baby, it may mean a new phase to your life.

Anonymous said...

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AC said...

I like that new phase idea of Kenju's. I envy your deep enough sleep to dream. I'd like to stay asleep for more than an hour.