It's Just Monday

The air conditioning at the Cubicle Asylum is fixed! Okay, not really fixed, but it's got enough freon to last the rest of the summer. I found out today that they had a hard time finding anyone to fill it because we know it leaks quite a bit and no one wanted to be responsible for the deterioration of the ozone layer.

If they don't replace it soon, there might be an anonymous phone call placed to the EPA.. by someone..


Miss Bubbles is still miffed about the computer situation. Good gawd, it's not like I can help that a power surge blew my CPU. She's been sashaying around making her little passive aggressive remarks while I just smile and keep working. I can understand being annoyed, but it's not worth getting your nose bent out of shape.

I've got a call in to the the Bubba that used to own the gas station in town to see if he can work on the van for me. (Don't read this Meritt) Now when I open the door, the speaker falls down out of it's little hidey hole and gets stuck between the inner door panel and the door and I have to stick my hand up in there and jiggle it around until I can get it back in the hole, so that I can shove the panel back together enough to get it closed. It doesn't always work on the first try. I guess in all the jiggling and slamming and maneuvering, I knocked the window off track. Yesterday when I went to roll the window up, I was both amazed and amused when it came up corner first. So anyway, hopefully I can take it to him and get it fixed once and for all. I draw the line at driving around with a trash bag over the window, I do have a speck of pride.

Craig Ferguson will be back on the boob tube tonight after a week off doing God only knows what. I've watched all the Barney Slash videos online, I'm ready for something new.

I think I'm going to stop at the produce market in town on the way home from work and get some stuff to make a big salad for dinner, maybe slice up some chicken strips to toss on top. In the mean time, I guess I'd better head back to the asylum.

Ya'll have a good week :)

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kenju said...

I love the new header!! Very nice.