Babs.. The Legacy Continues

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I'll bet ya'll thought I forgot to finish my story huh? I just got a little side tracked, so anyway.. moving on..

I've known Maw Babs since I first went to work at the Cubicle Asylum. She was friendly at first, if not a little odd. She belonged to one of the backwood religious sects that you hear about way back up in the mountains. The women wear their hair long, never wear make up and are always seen in long prairie type skirts with socks and sensible shoes. Some rumors tie the group she belonged to with those who handle snakes and sip poison from Mason jars, but I don't know if it's true or not. Those groups do exist, but after a small string of mishaps several years back, members aren't as quick to identify themselves, especially those with small children.

She and I always got along, that is until Babs came to work at the Asylum. When she finally got the axe, Maw Babs stopped acknowledging my presence in any way. I can look her straight in the eye and say "hey!" and she'll just walk away. I'd sort of learned to live with it, my dwindling popularity becoming a recurring joke between me and Lulu.

So today I stopped at the bank on the way home for lunch (payday!!!) making it there just in time to beat all the plant employees to the teller window. The tiny lobby soon filled with people and when I was finished I headed for the door. I pulled it open and came face to face with Maw Babs. Before I continue, let me just remind ya'll that I'm a woman of substance, of ample form, one of the less petite of God's creatures. I don't mean to imply that I'd have a difficult time fitting through the door, but to be expected to share the immediate space of the open door with another being, other than perhaps a small child, would be too much to ask. So when I encountered Maw Babs there at the threshold of the bank, I smiled in my sweet southern way and said, "Oh hey, 'scuse me!" and began to walk through the door. And then, I'll have you know, that little miss holy roller plowed right through me and squeezed her way through the same opening, never even looking me in the face.

Ya know, it's been my experience that it seems to be the very people that go through life professing to the world, making sure everyone knows when they put money in the offering, timing their charitable acts in a way to ensure that they have the most witnesses and taking it upon themselves to tell the rest of us what's wrong with our lives, who's actions never fail to speak the truth of what dwells in their heart.

Now that I've vented, I think I'll go calm my little rear end down and sip on some ginger ale. Ya'll enjoy your weekend.

Later Taters

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kenju said...

"....who's actions never fail to speak the truth of what dwells in their heart."

I love that! If I had a nickel for every person I have ever know who can be described like that - I'd be rich!