Game Plan for the Weekend

It's a little nippy here this morning, the local weather guy says it's Blackberry winter. The sun is shining so bright, you can't walk by a window without squinting. No one's up yet but me and the dogs, so I'm enjoying my coffee after a breakfast of cheesy grits and contemplating what I need to accomplish this weekend. The dog lot needs attention, I'm embarrassed for Ozzy with the tarp ripped and hanging down in the middle, the 1x4 lying haphazardly across the dog house and the deck umbrella teetering dangerously to one side.

I also want to work on my blog template a bit. It's kind of drab, don't you think? I got a few images from typogenerator to tinker with and make a new header, kind of like the one I had on my old blog. I definitely need something. I might rethink the ad placement in the sidebar. I've made ZERO on them. I'm thinking of maybe taking them all down and featuring one a week, whichever one is running the most attractive deal. I'd like to be able to generate a little moolah here and there, but I don't want to run the risk of junking things up and scaring people off.. and honestly, I don't have the kind of traffic that would generate income from ads.

Speaking of ads, I'm making a conscious effort to make my sponsored posts more personal and fitting in with the normal topics of conversation here. Ya'll please bear with me.. it's a work in progress.

I think I'm going to go jump in the shower so that I can at least get the grocery shopping out of the way. I dread it, but we're down to a loaf of bread and some bologna.

We'll talk again soon. Ya'll enjoy your weekend.