Drug Stores, Fog and Craig

Is the weekend over already? Dang.

The trip to G'boro was pretty uneventful, other than the slightly disturbing encounter with the girl working at the pharmacy. I stopped to get some decongestant, the controlled kind that you used to be able to buy over the counter. I was making small talk with the clerk, mentioning that I thought my sinus and allergy problems would get better when I quit smoking. I expected some encouraging words, maybe that my body was still healing, to give it time or maybe that it was just an especially bad allergy season (don't they say that every year?)

But no.

This young lady, who was working in the PHARMACY of a major drug store chain, proceeded to tell me that no, she was a smoker and had allergy/sinus problems and if anything, she felt so much better when she got up and grabbed a smoke first thing in the morning. Then another lady chimed in from behind me in line, an asthmatic with a death grip on her inhaler in one hand and a pack of Marlboros in the other, "Smoking doesn't give you allergies....*wheeeeeeeeeeeze*.....It's all the pollen... *wheeeeeeeeze*"

Oh Lord.

I swear, it was like a Saturday Night Live skit. I tried to change the subject. I asked the clerk what the dosage was and she proceeds to read the box to me, pointing to each word as she read them. "You should probably just take one to begin with because this contains Ibuprofen, Pseudoephedrine, a fever reducer and a decongestant. If that doesn't help then take two."

The person working in the PHARMACY didn't know that Ibuprofen was the fever reducer and Pseudoephedrine was the decongestant. This was in one of those big chain drug stores that advertises that you can trust their pharmacy employees to advise you on drug interactions, etc.

I feel so safe. Hell she almost had me talked into buying a pack of cigarettes.

Other than that, the trip up went okay. I ran into a little fog going over the gorge:

It rained alot on the way there and as the Amazon was loading her stuff in the van. I saw one bad wreck, a truck ran off the road and flipped over in the ditch. It didn't look good at all. Oh and there's a road sign right before you get to campus that I've said I needed to take a picture of on every trip, for one of my fellow bloggers. I realized that this would be my last chance, so I snapped it:

It's a little blurry, I mean I was driving in the rain and trying to snap a picture at the same time. It says "Merritt Dr."

We stopped at Jersey Mike's on the way back. I'd never eaten there before and I never will again. Gross.

On a side note, remember a couple of days ago when I said I was considering going to see Craig Ferguson do stand up in Atlanta next month? Welp, the show is no longer listed, I assume it was cancelled. He must have heard I was coming and got skeered. Bless his heart.

Ah well, it's time for the weekend to end and the work week to begin. Ya'll hang in there :)


kenju said...

That fog looks scary as heck! I'm glad you got through it.

The pharmacy needs to train ALL it's employees! About 4 mos. ago, I was given a different prescription than the one I ordered a refill for. I could have had them by the short hairs (as mr. kenju says). You can't be too careful!

Tori Lennox said...

I saw a news story not too long ago about these pharmacies using TEENAGERS to fill prescriptions. Hello? Shouldn't that be the PHARMACIST'S job???