Of Kilts, Mobsters and a Bit of Grace

Wow the weekend is almost gone. I managed to get a few things accomplished, but I never get as much done as I planned. Dinner's cooking (kielbasa with red beans and rice), I've got two hours before The Sopranos comes on and if I don't do at least one more load of laundry, I'm going to have to head to the Cubicle Asylum tomorrow morning "commando".

No one wants that.

Frog Pond Holler is full of stinky hiker types this weekend. The big festival is usually the same weekend as Earth Day, but this year it's a week later. I'm not sure if all the hikers just assumed and came on the wrong weekend or if they wanted to spend a whole week in Frog Pond Holler, flaunting their lack of personal hygiene practices. It's common for "through hikers," those hiking the entire trail from Maine to Georgia, to have care packages sent to meet them at the post office here. Good gawd, the stale pit sweat and unattended coochie odors which have simmered in the confined space of the post office lobby, just waiting for someone to open the door, will knock your hind end clear out the door, across the road and in close proximity to the creek.

They have to come right by the dollar store when they follow the trail to the post office. They sell soap. Ain't no sense in that.

I've only seen one old fart in a kilt so far this year, that's how I know this is just the first wave of the invasion. Kilts seem to be popular among the hikers, I guess it's the added ventilation. Lord knows, after the assault on my nasal passages in the post office yesterday, a little added ventilation in that particular area of the anatomy might not be a bad idea.

Ya'll think I'm lyin' but I swear. There's some serious funkified raunchiness up in this town at the moment.

Moving on...

Yesterday, after piddling around the house a bit, I decided that the couch was calling my name and I stretched out to take advantage of the peace and quiet. I flipped through the channels, thinking of how thankful I was that this week was almost over, therefore The Late Late Show would be out of reruns come Monday and I could go back to beginning my day with the fanny shaking goodness that is Craig Ferguson. There didn't seem to be anything on the movie channels that I'd not already seen a bunch of times, so I checked the locals, sometimes they have good movies on weekends. I was filled with delight, grinning from ear to ear like a person of questionable mental stability when the name of the movie on Fox appeared on the screen.. "Saving Grace."

Goodgawdalmighty! I love Ferguson in that movie. It's been one of my favorites since before I knew who Craig Ferguson was (yes chil'ren.. there was such a time.. a dark chapter in my life.. *snort*) I have two favorite scenes. There's one in a store, when two lovely elderly ladies have been drinking tea made from Grace's "harvest" and as a result have a bad case of the giggles and accompanying munchies. You have to laugh. You can't not.

The other has Mathew (Ferguson) and Grace (Brenda Blethyn..LOVE her!) sitting by the water's edge, Grace partaking of a little wildwood weed for the first time. Anyway, there are countless reasons to love that movie, those are just two of my favorite moments.

Speaking of substances that you smoke, it's been over three months now since I've had a cigarette. The first six weeks or so were hard physically. Not so much consciously wanting a cigarette as the need to sleep all the time and of course.. the constant eating. I feel like I'm finally getting it together, although there are times when I think if I could smoke just one...

I know I can't.. I know it would spell disaster.. but there's still a tiny part of me wants to rationalize. The fact that they sell cigarettes individually out of a Styrofoam cup at the local produce store doesn't help. It seems like I can smell it more and more in the house. It's going to take either having everything steam cleaned or giving up and moving to get rid of it completely.

I'm still looking for ways to make some extra money by writing. You may have noticed a few ads in the sidebar and there may be some product sponsored posts in the near future. I hope ya'll bear with me.

For now, I need to go toss some granny panties and one or two over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders in the wash, run the vacuum cleaner and get settled in with the second final season of Sopranos.

Ya'll have a hiney kickin' week!

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kenju said...

I'll say it again; you're too funny.