It's Hard to be a Woman

Lulu called my office this morning, feeling the need to share some deeply personal information. We'd already had the "this day is going to suck" discussion earlier, so when she went to sit down and felt her pantyhose ripping around her big toe, it seemed prophetic. Had it been me, I would have just gone in the bathroom, removed the pantyhose and moved along, but Lulu, anal retentive perfectionist that she is, could have none of that. Upon witnessing the slight run in her hose, she dug around in her desk drawer for her bottle of emergency clear nail polish and began to apply it. She was interrupted by one of the guys from out in the plant and had to briefly hide her toe and it's nakedness under her desk until he left. Had it been me, I would have heaved my big foot up on a spare chair and asked for his assistance.. but hey.. that's just me. Because she was interrupted, she didn't have time to properly apply the nail polish and as a result, the pantyhose was now drying to her toe.

It's important that I interject here, that Lulu gives new meaning to the word frugal. She'll get at least six more wears out of that pair pantyhose.

Anyway, as she tried to pry the now drying polish laden hose from her toe, she realized it had become attached to some toe hair. Now I know, big toe hair isn't something that we ladies like to admit we have, but let's be honest, if it was that rare there wouldn't be that many micro hair removal tools on the market. Lulu is no exception.

I asked Lulu if she'd managed to get the hose free from her foot and if she was going to be okay now, to which she replied, "Well yeah, I reckon, 'cept now I got slimey toe hair."

That is the visual that I'll leave ya'll with for the rest of the day. Slimey toe hair.

Ya'll be blessed.