Boob Sweat, Ferguson and Local Celebrities

I'm going to go ahead and say it, it's too damned hot. I know, it's hot everywhere else in the free world and not everyone has the benefit of air conditioning and I shouldn't complain. But jumpin Jahosaphat. There ain't no damned sense in this heat. I'm going to have to break out the Goldbond powder soon, this kind of flesh baking leads to chafing of the more sensitive girly bits of those of us who are more erm.. rubinesque in form. I won't even go into the break-outs that result from extreme under-boob sweat. It ain't easy having bodacious tattas in the south in July.

The atmosphere in and around the cubicle asylum was more relaxed today. I've adopted a "stay at your desk and hush" philosophy. Getting in trouble for my mouth isn't a new development, I think it started in the first grade. I spent many a recess sitting inside writing "I will not talk in class" or "I will not talk back to my teacher" five hundred times. It's pretty much escalated from there. I suffer from terminal smartassedness (spell check is going to LOVE that one.)

Craig Ferguson has a local celebrity booked on his show tonight. I may have to stay up and watch instead of waiting until tomorrow morning. I can just see ya'll skipping around the internet, figuring out where I live, but when I say local, I don't mean she lives in Frog Pond Holler. Everyone around here has a story about meeting her or seeing her at the mall or their kids' ball games. I've never seen her out and about, but if I did, I'd probably just hide behind a trash can or a Coke machine, much like I did when Craig Ferguson crossed my path in Las Vegas, not once, but TWICE. (If you missed that story, you can read it here.)

I'm such a social retard.

Anyway, I've got a ton of laundry to do, so I'll talk to ya'll soon :)

Later Taters!


Tori Lennox said...

LOL! Yes, I had to zip over to Yahoo TV and do a search for Craig to see who was on tonight. *g*

Mahala said...

LOL! Hey Tori, speaking of genealogy (we did didn't we?) Oddly, the name of the town that shows up in statcounter for you is one of my family names.

Tori Lennox said...

Really? How bizarre! Well, a coincedence, at least. :)

Anonymous said...

Hot, hot, hot! and what can we do about it? I remember summers like this from the late 60-s and early 70's (before air conditioning.)

Being the sort of boss in my corner of the asylum it is harder for me to stay in my office and stay quiet. At least we have real offices (a shrink occupied the office before us and had the walls sound-proofed.) I do pop across the hall and check in on my staff of the day from time to time (and review their files to see what they have been up to.)

Stay cool and keep your powder dry.

Is someone going to be sweating nine-to-five tonight? (Bert would love to go to _ollywood.) When we get him here, we will have to make the pillgrimage (meet us there?)

I spent an hour this afternoon looking at cars. The salesman looked like a sumo wrestler and smelled like he had been putting up hay all afternoon. It was a real test of the air conditioning and "cabin air filter." One of the cars I looked at had heated and "cooled" seats, it ues a fan to circulate air through the back and seat bottom. I may have to go back for another look at that one.

Take care,


poopie said...

Boob sweat sucks ass. Totally.

Mahala said...

DG: I will SO meet you guys at _ollywood!!!! Can it be in the fall or early spring though? I'm just not all about this heat.

Funny you should mention cars. Mine's still kaput in the driveway. Grass is growing around it (you might be a redneck.) Ma asked me tonight if I was considering getting a new one. I think she wants her van back. I'd much rather get mine fixed, but heck, I don't even know where to take the stupid thing. And, when black smoke starts billowing out the back, isn't it pretty much too far gone?

poopie: You tell it Sistah!! The only thing worse is when it kinda trickles down your back and into your butt crack.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what black smoke means (a new Pope?) white or grey smoke would mean oil in the wrong place (bad news.)Try a mechanic, or go over the reservation and feed a few hundred dollars into the one armed bandits, about the same odds on either option.

I don't know what I am going to do, I am strugling between what I want and how much I should spend. I am getting older and my spreading behind does not fit in the ecconomy car buckets the way it did before. I don't drive alot (8-9,000 miles a year.) We have another nicer car at home (WH's mother didn't spend it all so all three kids bought new cars after she died) so if we are driving more then 100 miles we have somehthing quiet comfortable, reliable and really nice looking to drive (thank you Dr Z for the father lands finest workmanship.)

Good Luck!


Bert said...

Madonna lives in Frog Pond Holler????

I now have to try and sleep tonight thinking about extreme under-boob sweat.

Anonymous said...

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