My daughter finally found a summer job yesterday. Thank Goodness. After going to every minimum wage employer in town, she finally stumbled into the new hotel/restaraunt yesterday and asked if they had any summer employment. She was hired on the spot and begins training Thursday. It's a hi-falooting kind of place, the sort of restaurant we can't afford to eat in, with a huge brick fireplace, a staircase leading up to the hotel rooms. I hope she makes GOBS of tips.

Am I being a huge fool spending the money to get away to Vegas for the weekend? I'm so broke. My car croaked on Friday, then this morning my coffee maker gave up the ghost. The only place in town to buy a new one is the dollar store and they don't take credit cards. What's the use in having all this stinking credit when I live in a town where no one takes credit cards?????

I know it sounds a bit froggy, but events leading up to this trip have convinced me that I'm meant to go. It just seems that in the past week, some other force has been working so hard against me.

1. The snake invasion at work. (TWO huge snakes trying to get in the office???)
2. The car.
3. The server at work dying.
4. Both my daughters and my mothers computers croaking.
5. My God awful hair cut.

I'm TRYING to keep a positive attitude about it all, but it's getting increasingly difficult.


Travel said...

Would you like me to delete your comment on TR's blogg? It is good to see that you have found a safe place to talk.


poopie said...

I followed ya right on over ;) Of course you need to go to Vegas! Craig's a waitin'.

Mahala said...

If you would, that would be great :) I don't think either my daughter or the people from town go to any of the links, but just in case :)

Jerry said...

Hey, I found your new blog. I will delete the comment you left on my blog, to remove the trail of corn. I won't add this one to my blogroll.

I have thought about doing the same thing. I've been feeling a bit "hemmed in" on my current blog. I made one post about family last Thanksgiving that led to WWIII. But there is a wealth of blogging material that is taboo on my current blog.

Good luck.

SierraBella said...

I'll delete your comment from my blog as well.
I've been thinking about creating a new blog too!
Both my daughters read mine and I believe a sister-in-law read a posting she probably shouldn't have...

laura said...

this is really a good idea; I don't blog much right now due to too many people I actually kow reading the darn thing. Well you've certainly given me something to think about ...

I can't imagine the relief you must feel at finally being able to speak freely.

Let's address the points of opposition you've faced:
1) the snakes: Honey, we have built and encroached on their natural and God given homes. If it were two spiders, would you have thought twice about it? Hell no, you'd have bitched over coffee to the Sumo Chicken and forgotten about it.
2) The car was dying; we've known that for months. It had to go sometime.
3) The server at work has nothing to do with you. Now, if you were the IT guy, I would look at it differently. This is more like the grocery store ran out of peanut butter and you were affected by it because you eat pb three times a day.
4) The computers: that's just flat out Murphy's law, baby!
5) Your haircut turned out the way it is supposed to be right now. Trust me.

'Sounds to me like you're pulling a Laura and looking for reasons to back out with good reasons ... nay, excuses. Don't do that. You need to get away. You need the chance to see Mr. Ferguson live. You have to have Starbucks every morning. You have to experience Vegas.

Go. Live. Enjoy.