"Mahala" is an old Gypsy word referring to an area or neighborhood, as in "the French Mahala." In years past, it was also a common Melungeon name, sometimes shortened to "Haley." I thought it would be fitting for this space.

Due to a series of events, I haven't felt comfortable writing about things that I've wanted to on my other blog. I shared the site with someone who then became my coworker, who then shared it with her husband, who just LOVES to run his mouth, so it was making me increasingly nervous to talk about work, things going on in town or the occasional local yokel who managed to rub me the wrong way. Also, my daughter reading my posts has caused me to censor myself in ways I wouldn't normally do so. I plan to continue posting on that "other" blog, but this is where I can vent, be myself and truly have an refuge where I can be myself.

I hope, through a series of emails, cryptic comments on the blogs of my other readers and word of mouth, to help all those who read my dribble regularly to find their way here. If you could just leave a comment the first time you stop by just to let me know you found the place, I'd really appreciate it.

This won't be easy at first, all of the usual topics I talk about will have to have new names, like the town, my daughter, my coworkers. I've struggled for a week since making this decision just trying to come up with a new name for myself!

So anyway, strap yourself in, it's going to be a little bumpy at first, but I'm sure everything will fall into place with time.