If it walks like a duck....

Lately I've seen this product advertised, Dove Energy Glow lotion with a self tanner built in. I've never used any kind of fake and bake tanning product and although I tan quite easily, there are parts of my body which are seldom, if ever, exposed to sunlight. I thought that since this product advertises that the process is gradual, that results could be achieved by using the lotion every day for a week, that it would be safe to try. I've bought a few low neck, cleavage revealing tops to wear to Vegas and I didn't want my untanned chest area glowing white next to my copper arms and hands. Oh and, I've got legs like Casper.

After I got out of the shower last night I applied the lotion to my legs, my dry, dry feet and all those other spots I wanted to hit. I didn't stop to consider that those areas which were really, really dry would absorb more product.

I woke up this morning horrified to find that my already large and noticeable feet, were now a lovely shade of ORANGE.

Please tell me it will either wash or wear off in two weeks. Only my feet are orange, my legs are still Casper the ghost white.