Hikers, Old Spice and Cheating Bubbahubbies

The big Trail worshiper's gathering was this weekend in Frog Pond Holler. I decided I'd check it out, I needed to take my books back to the library anyway and I hoped to snag a photo opportunity or two.

In years past, town has been wall to wall hikers, their ripe funk hanging in the air like an expired pole cat.

I'm not being mean. They stink. They know they stink. They've been in the woods, hiking from somewhere between here and Main. I'm not judging. You can build up some major coochie and/or pit funk when you stay in the woods that long.

This year, there didn't seem to be as many. The smell of hiker funk was replaced by Old Spice and patchouli, from mostly local folks of the hippie and hillbilly varieties. The VFD was selling BBQ and cotton candy, a local farm had seedlings for sale, there was a climbing wall and a jumpy thing.

Normally I couldn't care less, but I was kinda disappointed by the lack of dread-locked and kilted men folk, forming a steady stream by the kitchen window, dragging their left foot behind them as they soldier on, trying to make it the last 100 feet into town.

It's especially entertaining when the wind's blowing just right. The look they get on their faces when they catch a whiff of burger grease from the Grab N' Go (and go and go,) after eating dandelions and granola for gawd knows how long, is priceless.

I had planned to park at the library, but they blocked some of the roads, in a manner that made no sense WHAT-soever. We don't have like.. a traffic department in Frog Pond Holler. I'm pretty sure it was just Crazy Larry putting road signs up willy-nilly. He may or may not have been sober at the time.

I left Jolene behind the post office and did the fat-girl-waddle over to the library. I ran in to Lacey on the way. She and I worked at The Asylum together, way back when. I hadn't seen her since Uncle G's funeral. She hugged my neck and instantly started spewing forth with pent up emotions. She'd caught her bubbahubby cheating, she'd moved out, she felt like her world was exploding apart, she didn't know what she was going to do....

I gave her my number and told her to call me anytime she wanted to talk.  She wasn't making a whole lot of sense and it sounded like she could use a shoulder.

While I was talking to Lacey, The Baby Engineer strolled up and gave me a big hug. He's happy with the new sales manager up at The Asylum. He said he doesn't know much, but at least he's not an a-hole.

Not being an a-hole can go a long way when you've worked for Gorilla Head.

After more socializing in one morning than I've done in two months, I finally made it to the library. The Amazon works there on Saturday mornings, but will she take my books back for me? No.

I dropped my books on the desk (one of which was The Vegetable Gardener's Container Bible: How to Grow a Bounty of Food in Pots, Tubs, and Other Containers) and BSed with TA for a bit. I did end up taking some pictures, but they mostly sucked.

All in all, it really wasn't worth putting pants on for.

Anywho... I'd best get to it. I've got a stack of crap to do, and since I wasted my time taking another transcription test (I totally aced it on the second try, but accidentally hit the "test completed" button, when it wasn't. You only get two tries,) I should probably get busy.

Ya'll have a booty kickin' Monday. We'll talk again soon.

Later Tater!


Travel said...

Few things in life, are worth putting pants on for. Have a great week. It is not what happens to us, but how we respond to it that counts

tiff said...

Are you implying that we're running out of hippies? This cannot stand!!