Let it Snow!

It's a beautiful day in Frog Pond Holler, it looks like a winter freakin' wonderland. I thought I was in one of those Alaska survival shows as me and Jolene plowed through the snow up to The Asylum this morning. It's not too cold, thankfully. Not like last week when temps dropped down below zero and my water stayed frozen for 7 days.

That's right. SEVEN DAYS.

I was ripe ya'll. I had Tina Turner '85 hair and it wasn't on purpose. Our toilet had reached critical levels. By day 7, I was in panic mode. I went to the DG to buy more bottled water, styrofoam bowls and plastic utensils. Thelma was there, along with every other FPH resident, having just left church. They were all spiffied up and clean smelling... and full of Jesus.. and there I was, smelling like pitt stain and onion breath, on the verge of tears, telling Thelma why there was no way I'd be at work on Monday.

Of course, two hours later we had water.

So let it snow butthole deep to a Yeti. As long as my water doesn't freeze.

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kenju said...

I know what you mean. In our last home, we had well water. When the power went out, we couldn't flush. It was horrible after 4-5 hours, let alone 2-3 days.