Monday. Not My Fun Day.

I am really not in to this whole Monday thing.

Moving the washing machine kicked my big ol' butt. I had taken it apart when I tried to fix it, then couldn't get it back together, so I loaded it on the hand truck with the whole back end flopping up and down. At one point I had it stuck in the hallway, then I got it hung on the phone line. When I finally got it to the front door, I got frustrated after wrangling all the critters and sticking them in bathrooms and bedrooms so I could prop the front door open. I ended up ripping the whole cabinet off of it and carrying it out by itself. The washer and all it's parts eventually ended up making it's way down down the ramp and to the yard.

I'm sure I was a sight, barefoot and sweaty, wrangling big pieces of appliance all over the front porch.

I also got rid of Ma's monstrous electric chair this weekend. Aunt Moses knew some people who could use it. I was so thankful. I had already planned to shove it out in to the yard this weekend until I could find someone to haul it off.

So much crap that needs to go.

We have a chair that's worn out and the cheapo Wally World entertainment center going to the dump when I get my next burst of energy.

I'm too old for this mess.

The Amazon just texted me that we had a cut off notice from the electric company when she got home this morning. I'm not even going to worry about it. We get them all the time, but they have yet to actually cut it off. I get paid Friday. Let go and let God.

Such is Monday.

Later Taters!


kenju said...

I hope things get better for you, Mahala.

Teressa Welch said...

I know that the washer being out of the house is a big relief. Yay for accomplishments!

One step at a time.