I Have Important Hillbilly Chit to Do

Lawd ya'll. My to do list is so long all I can do is sit here and let my head spin. Let's review, shall we?

Find a job: The German-owned grocery chain is hiring cashiers over on the little civilization oasis between here and Big City. They start at $10 an hour. I've done the math. With Jolene paid off, I have $300 a month less I have to shell out every month. I have enough in my 401K that if I quit The Asylum and cash it in, pay off the 2 loans I have against it and the ridiculous taxes, I should have enough to pay the house off and possibly pay off most of my credit card debt. I need to juice up my resume a little too and send it out to the spa here in town and the county school board.

Laundry: There is always laundry.

Bills: I need to go stick the house payment in the night drop at the bank in town. And get my cell turned back on. I had to let it go last month to get the innerweb bill caught back up.

Food: We could probably use some groceries and I seriously need some hi-test sinus drugs. I'm cookin' a brand new sinus infection.

My kitchen: Okay, truth time. I don't know if it's depression, laziness.. whatever...any reason I come up with just sounds like an excuse. Truth is, it's to the point that I'm just going to throw a bunch of pots, pans and the crock pot in the trash and start over. Seriously, there isn't enough bleach in the world to make me want to eat off that stuff again. It's hideous. We've been eating take out and nuke'em crap for a month because I can't even stand to go in there.

There's more but, those are the highlights. I had grand plans for this morning, but I didn't wake up 'til noon. I honestly think it's stress. My mind's been doing that thing where there's a constant parade of craziness running through it and it's exhausting. It gets better over the weekend and slowly builds back up as the week passes.

When I got to work yesterday, both TW and Tiny had taken off, Lulu and Thelma were gone by 10 and there I was, alone with The Groper and the Baby Engineer. Tiny finally showed up about 1:30, stopping by to ask me why The Groper wasn't back from lunch yet. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that there weren't any supervisors there so he decided to take a 2 hour lunch. Then Tiny disappeared til 3:30, I'm assuming he was hanging out in shipping with The Walrus, from purchasing. That's where all the big wigs hang out and hide. Then he left at 4. In the mean time, customers are calling me, wanting to know why their crap is late and I can't go see if it's on the dock or not, because I have to cover the switchboard.

Apparently, if you have a penis you don't have to answer the phone.

I'm tempted to bring a giant black dildo to work to wave in the air every time someone forwards the switchboard to me.

That place is such a joke.

But anywho... I guess I should at least put on some coffee and eat something. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!!!
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kenju said...

Hmmm...the dildo could work, but it could also go completely over their heads, as you have previously portrayed them as dunces....LOL

I sure hope you can get on at the grocer and I have no doubt you'd be a manager in no time at all.

poopie said...

i say sell some groceries! xoxo

Teressa Welch said...

I'm wondering if Aldi's offers employee discounts on their merch. If so, that might help offset the drop in pay, somewhat. Even if they don't, I certainly hope you get it!