Cadaver Removal to Cure the Springtime Funk

There's been something funky under the sink for a while now. I figured there was a leak, seeing how something's always leaking under there. I kept peeking in there, spraying stink killer and fanning at it and it seemed to get a little better, but the funk still kinda lingered.

Today, I went in search of the duct tape. I needed to secure the telephone/innerwebs/electrical wires that I trip on every time I go in or out of the bedroom, not because I finally got wise to why I was tripping across the length of the house on a daily basis, but because I finally got up the cajones to move the last dresser from the bedroom. 

All it took was two episodes of Hoarders last night to help me get my ass in gear.

Anywho, we don't use the drawers in the kitchen. We keep finding mousey turdlets and as much as I love the critters, I don't appreciate them pewpin' on my silverware. 

I have plans to crawl under there and find out where the little creepers keep getting in. It's on my list.. to do in my spare time.

In my search for duct tape, I found the source of the funk...


I pulled rank on The Amazon and made her come help me dispose of the body. I'm on like.. day three of a belly bug and I'm still hitting the Pepto pretty hard. I'm not really up to cadaver disposal. I did hold the trash bag.

If it's any consolation, I did feel bad for the little guy. I hope he wasn't stuck in the funnel. Not that there's a good way to die, but croaking with your head crammed in a funnel can't be pleasant.

Back to the housework. Yay.

Later Taters!


tiff said...

oh, ew. But Yay!

kenju said...

What Tiff said.

I've been thinking we may have one. I left some dry cat food out overnight on a plate and when we got up the next morning, the food was gone. The cat was not in the house overnight, so best I can think of is a mouse. Either that, or some honking big roaches. LOL

Just kidding, I don't have those!

BetteJo said...

Oh my gosh that looks big! Sure it's not a guinea pig?

Oh, captcha? NO!!!!!