Of Zombies, Bunnies and The Copacabana

I'm on day two of a five day break from The Asylum. So far, I've single handedly fixed the internet (not the whole internet, just our connection,) stuck my foot through the bathroom floor and made a grocery run, during which there was a power outage, resulting in completing the hunting and gathering in a darkened grocery store whilst making jokes about the zombie Apocalypse and being the last one to leave the store after having a total of three cashiers sling my groceries at break neck speed past the bar code scanner, trying to get them bagged before the last trickle of generator power was spent.

The awesomeness of the experience was compounded by an old man, looking dazed and bewildered outside the glass as we left, trying to get in the locked door.

"Told ya there'd be zombies." I was immediately shooshed by The Amazon. The nerve of her.


Meanwhile, back at The Asylum, we had the best booking month in over a year, which is good, and Bossholio is making threats.. which is also good.

He's not threatening me, because I'd be forced to spork him in the forehead if he were, he's saying things like, "Mahala, I'm going to give you the opportunity to be a rich woman. I will bet everything I have against everything you own that I won't be here.. (pausing.. glancing at the calender over his glasses) well I won't be here much longer."

"If I'm going to wager my vast estate, I'm gonna need an exact date, in writing please."

To which he rolled his eyes and kinda growled his way up the hall.

If.. no .. when he leaves, I suspect it will take the company a long time to find a replacement and in the meantime I'll be able to work all the overtime I want, eliminating the need to find a second job once Ma is placed ... somewhere.

Speaking of which, I got a phone call from the home health social worker (not the county one, upon whom I have given up all hope,) who said he has all the information he needs to get Ma placed somewhere and wanted to know my preferences. I'm silently hoping to hear something this week. Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me.

Once we get her situated and have clearer idea of whether or not she will be there long term (which I suspect will be the case) I'll be abandoning my girl cave and moving back into the big house. We can use the girl cave as a storage space and I can transform the master bedroom of the trailer into a whole new girl cave. One with a usable bathroom, heat in the winter and large, tiled shower and dressing area which will double as a bunny rabbit wonderland.

And maybe a second bunny. Lola gets lonely. After she gets fixed. A male.. I shall name him Ricco.

I feel kinda bad mentally redecorating her bedroom while she's still there, but I think I've finally accepted that she truly needs to be somewhere else and I may as well make the best of it. Then, The Amazon will have one end of the trailer, with her own bathroom and I'll have my own end with my own bathroom.

My own bathroom. SHANGRI-LA!!!

Anywho, I have multiple mounds of laundry to wash and I need to make a new batch of detergent. I have plenty of other duties of The Domestic Goddess to complete, I'll spare you the details, so I'd best be going. Besides, it's getting hot all up in this girl cave. Once the sun hits it in the afternoon, it takes until 10 to get it cooled off again.

We'll talk again soon. Ya'll stay cool.

Later Taters.

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Judy (kenju) said...

I have crossed all fingers and toes, arms and legs, eyes and whatever else I can find to cross, that your mom will be placed in long-term care ASAP. And that bossholio leaves sooner!

tiff said...

things are a-changing, FINALLY. Here's hoping all turns out well for everyone involved. It's about time.

BetteJo said...

Everything is crossed over here!

Teressa Welch said...

All possible things crossed here at Gitmo Nation Poke Sallet!