Bunny Jail, Handsome Hounds and Watch Out for Doris

The current state of my life.. in yummy bite sized chunks!!!
  • Ma is in the nervous hospital and has been for a little over a week. She's doing better, undergoing erm.. treatments.. that I thought they only did on t.v., which are nothing like on t.v., but anywho.. I'm hopeful. I did, however, damned near have my sizeable ass kicked right there in the nut hut by Doris, a tiny spitfire of a woman who was not only off her rocker, but lost track of where she left it long ago. Thank God for big, strong, manly nurses.
  • Lola is in bunny jail. I've had to stop allowing her to roam the RV freely due to her recently developed need to share the company of a boy bunny.. and in the absence of a boy bunny, her sudden amorous advances towards the only thing she can find similar in size and shape of a boy bunny... my feet. She's like Pepe LePew at the sight of my ankles. She hops over them repeatedly, in the internationally recognized display of bunny rabbit courtship. She rubs her face on them, she licks them and the mere sight of them excite her so much, that she leaves tiny little bunny pewps EVERYWHERE. She'll be taking a trip to the vet day spa for a nice nap soon, and when she wakes up, hopefully, she'll stop obsessing over my feet. In the meantime, she still has the kitchen, hallway and bedroom. And? As long as I keep my feet out of there, she only "goes" in her litter box. Bunnies.. are weird.
  • Sammy, the Boston Baked Beagle, is done with his weekly trips to the spa for his dips. He's got more hair than he did when he was a puppy. Of course, we tell him constantly how handsome he is and he does seem to be sorta gettin' the big head, but it's okay. 
  • Remember my dashboard garden? Well, I accidentally dumped one whole tray of tomatoes. Looks like I'll be buying some plants again this year. The remaining seedlings have yet to poke their little green heads out of the soil. I mist them every morning, talk to them a little, pray over them.. but nothing.
  • I have a ginormous festering pimple on my jaw. We have named it "Zit Vesuvius." 
That kinda sums it up. I've been hitting the anti-anxiety meds pretty hard the past week, leading to lots of naps and putting a damper on any attempts at productivity. Oh well. 

Ya'll have a good one. The weekend will be here soon. Hang in there. 

Later Taters!!
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1 comment:

tiff said...

we dumped a whole try of tomato seedlings as well. Maybe that's a rite of Spring?

Glad Ma is getting help. Lord knows you needed it. Is TA adjusting to life on her own well?