Mahala on Lowe's, Muslims and A Big Steaming Pile of WTF?

Most of ya'll will remember when I first moved in to the girl cave. It was no secret that I maxed out my Lowe's card buying supplies to make my new-used.. hell.. vintage.. RV livable. (That's right, I'm one of those scary assed hillbillies that lives in a recreational vehicle and peddles fertilizer on the innerwebs. Rumor is that I'm eat up with Melungeon too, that's hillbillies with mysterious Middle Eastern blood. Put that in your hookah and smoke it. And hide your valuables.)

I loved Lowes. When night time temps in the holler dipped down into the nippie icicle range, I headed straight for my favorite home improvement store. I'd been through two little heaters that just weren't cutting it. Right here on this very blog I sang the praises of the sales lady who kindly helped me find the right model, within my price range, then whispered that if I came back in a few days (on Black Friday) I could get it for half price.

I damned near hug tackled the poor woman right there by the gas logs.

But then? Somewhere on the almighty internet, probably on Twitter but I wouldn't swear to it, I clicked a link that took me to an article about how Lowe's had pulled it's advertising from the TLC show "All-American Muslim" after bowing to pressure from an email campaign spawned by the Florida Family Association.

Say what?

Now I'll admit, I've only watched the show in question a few times. It's okay, but "reality" shows are usually anything but and I'm kinda over the whole genre. But, that's not the point. What crawled up my ass sideways about the whole thing was that Lowe's made a huge business decision based on the religious beliefs of a group of crackpots down in Gator country.

I took it upon myself to do a little checking into the FFA. Here is an actual list of "causes" from their actual website, where you can click a link and send a FORM EMAIL, just adding your name and address:

I will remember Mars and Wrigley’s advertising support for this irresponsible program. (Because apparently Mars and Wrigley will make your kid gay)

Please do not support this propaganda. (Apparently TLC airing a show about Americans who happen to be Muslim is offensive.)

Amerimar Enterprise should be ashamed for showing Islamic extremists favor over American traditionalists. (This one is because the FFA got it's panties in a wad when an Islamic group protested their holding a two day event promoting the "Stop the Islamization of America" and it got cancelled. Oh wah. Cry me a river.)

AARP advocacy for LGBT political agenda is inappropriate and disrespectful. (More anti-LGBT bullcrap. Do you know how many Lesbians work at just our local Lowe's? I wonder how they feel about their employer making business decisions based on the rantings of this hate group?)

Marvel and Disney! Please don’t target our children with a gay Spider-Man super hero. ("Target our children?" Really?)

A public appeal for Governor Rick Scott to direct FDLE or appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the death of Fatimah Abdallah (I don't really understand what they're getting at here, all I know is they're quoting Fox News.. so um.. yeah.)

The CAIR forced removal of Professor Barry Sommer and the course What Is Islam tramples upon the First Amendment rights of academia across America. (I love this: "Do you want CAIR dictating who is allowed to teach in American colleges and universities?" I don't want the FFA dictating anything. Not until they've had their meds.)

Yes I will pray for the court to rule in favor of the Oklahoma amendment (Oh I think we all need to pray more. But do I want the FFA telling me what to pray for? I wouldn't even trust them to order my Happy Meal at the drive-thru)

Shell Oil is the only major oil company that allows independent retailers to sell smut magazines (OH NO NOT SMUT!!!!! Now they're anti-bewbies. God loves bewbies. He made them)

Campbell Soup sponsorship of Islamic conference (Those chubby cheeked Campbell kids are terrorists. Clearly)

Circle K Stores is the Largest Convenience Store Chain In America that sells pornography. (Circle K is the only chain that hasn't buckled to their pressure. I say ALL HAIL THE CIRCLE K!!!)

Allowing thousands of families and children to unknowingly be forced to experience Gay Pride Day at Disney is wrong (Lord have mercy. "Unknowingly forced." I bet they're fine with prepubescent teens running around in their booty shorts, licking each others tonsils on Magic Mountain.)

Keep in mind, it's not just that they provide email addresses to send your rants to, they have the whole email already written. You just add your name and hit send. And ya know what? That's their right.. I suppose. But Lowe's received these emails and acted on them. THAT's what I can't believe. 

Twitter blew up with anti Lowe's tweets. Their Facebook page turned into a huge anti Muslim, anti Floridian, anti Christian, pro shotgun freeforall. Lowe's issued a half-assed backhanded apology, that really wasn't. It's ridiculous.

"All-American Muslims" isn't about immigrants making a new home in the states. It's about families. Of AMERICANS. Born here, where we proudly exercise our freedoms, one of which is freedom of religion. 

Yes, there are Islam extremists, but I think this proves that there are Christian extremists too. And I'm sorry but, I take offence at their even calling themselves Christian. Seriously. What would Jesus do? He'd spank their whiney little asses with a big wooden paddle and tell them to stop being a bunch of childish little haters and learn to play right. 

I'm seriously pissed off at Lowe's. My first order of business when I get my tax refund this year, is to pay off my credit card and cut it up. 

Will I ever shop there again? Well, I never say never. I will promise you though, that I will shop at locally owned businesses when at all possible or I will drive an hour out of my way to the Home Depot. 

I'm glad I got that out of my system. 

Ya'll have a great one. We'll talk again soon

Later Taters!

(Comments welcome, let me have it!)

Update: This article states Lowe's denies pressure from the FFA caused them to pull ads.


Anonymous said...

It's sad that Lowe's is so easily led by a small but loud group. I live far enough south that the bible thumpers try to stay in everybody's business and I hate it. I will not be buying from Lowe's anymore if I can find what I need else where. Much rather give my money to a company that has some integrity.

Judy (kenju) said...

I have always liked them better than the other place, so I am sorry to know this happened.

Aarin said...

Home Depot started receiving demands from a similar group, American Family Association, demanding they stop supporting same sex marriages and the depot told them, quite politely, to suck it. (they said they were committed to diversity, but suck it seems more appropriate) so i very much support the good ol orange giant

BetteJo said...

It's kind of amazing to see which things companies cave on. I mean - sometimes I'm like - wait - you let WHO tell you to WHAT?? Really??