Turkey Day Loafing

Sweet Baby Jesus! It's cold up in this holler today. It'll be June 2012 before I start to get the feeling back in my toesies.

RV livin' when it's 26° outside is not for the mamby pamby. Especially when you're hiking through the front yard every time nature calls because your Cousin H is big lyinassedmuthafucka.

Just sayin'.

I can't wait to be off for the next nine days. I have lots of plans, only half of which will probably be even attempted and a fourth of those might actually be accomplished. We'll see. It all starts with a trip over the mountain and through the woods to the adjacent county to  pick up my bunny, if Bunny Boy and I can get our schedules coordinated. Apparently he's having to squeeze me in between swim class and Yoga.

Other plans for the week include getting two of my teeth ripped out, planning my minimalist approach to Thanksgiving (I'm thinking Stove Top, a can of cranberry sauce and one of those turkey loaf... things.) I can't see knocking myself out cooking all day, getting the house all hot and dirtying up all the dishes when Ma won't hardly eat anything, I don't need to be eating it and probably won't feel like it anyway (see the fore mentioned tooth ripping) and T.A. will probably eat and leave to go over to the Boy Wonder's house, then there I'll be. A stack of dishes, Ma asleep and T.A. having vacated the premises.

Ummm. No.

I'm seriously tired of being the maid service.

Hopefully I can get my new stuff listed on Etsy. I have a bunch of new earrings, but it's been so dreary and overcast lately, I've not been able to get any decent pictures. I've also been working on a rectangular rug design (I gave up on the oval. It involved more math than I have brain cells for,) the first of which will go in the dog crate / bunny hacienda. The little booger better appreciate it. I've had to rip it out and restart twice already.

I'd like to find a nice, simple fingerless glove crochet pattern, not to sell but to make for myself. I'd like to be able to keep my hands warm and still have my fingers free to work on stuff. If ya'll know of any, let me know.

What else? I need to get my propane hooked up and possibly build a gate into the back yard. That will cut down considerably on my potty hikes. Someone, who shall remain nameless, had begrudgingly agreed to help me dig the holes, but I've given up on that happening. I'll just start digging. If it takes me a month to get a pole in the ground, then it just will I guess.

Oh yeah and? I need to cover the metal thinige. I gave up on the one. Damn. Screw. I worked around the metal plate and hung my shelf brackets and shelf, which fit in the space PERFECTLY, without having to be cut and my nuker/toaster oven is now off the counter, freeing up lots of space.

Yay me.

I'm thinking some contact paper will do the trick for the metal plate. It's kinda behind the oven, so it just has to sorta blend into the plywood wall behind it.

I also plan to take naps. Lots of naps. And watch television. Walk the dog. Play with the bunny. Ya know, important stuff.

Anywho, that's my game plan in a nutshell. Ya'll take care. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!!