Weekends Wear Me Out

Lord have mercy ya'll. This weekend was hard. Not Put-On-A-Dress-And-Go-To-A-Funeral hard or Flush-Your-Goldfish-Down-The-Terlit hard, but Lying-On-Your-Back-Under-The-RV-At-2-In-The-Afternoon hard.

I was trying to run the satellite and ethernet cables through the humpy thing between the seats using an unfolded wire coat hanger, some duct tape and a few strips of denim, instead of leaving them hanging out the passenger side window, seeing how it's been colder than a witch's tit in a brass brassiere at night and I'm in danger of loosing some bits and pieces of womanly flesh that I'd rather hold on to for a few more years.

Also this weekend, I hit Wally World for some spray paint, sprained my back loading a 6 x 8 wooden fence panel onto a cart at Lowe's, made curtains, turned plastic visors into shelves, complete with dangly Gypsy coin trim, sold a pair of earrings and installed a light in the bathroom.

On a side note, my new favoritest thing in the whole effing world is industrial strength double sided tape. OH. MY. GAWD. It's like.. MAGIC.


So tonight, I should be hanging the laundry I washed yesterday, or making earrings, or taking pictures of the rug I recently finished so I can get it listed on Etsy....

But my ass is parked for the evening. I'm tired. Everyone's fed, Ma's drugged and I don't plan on doing anything more strenuous than pushing remote buttons for the rest of the night.

I'll keep you posted. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!