First Annual Frog Pond Holler Easter Parade

I hurried with the mowing yesterday so that I'd have time to run and take a shower before heading to town for the big Easter Parade SPECTACULAR down in front of the post office.

The first clip is the slow gathering crowd, before the streets street was closed. It's pretty boring, but if you turn up the sound, you can hear the sad, mournful, Southern funeral music they were blaring from a boom box in front of the welcome center.

After they closed the road, the organizers tossed some balls out into the road and encouraged the little children to play in the street. In this clip, you'll notice a large, frightening looking woman towering over the children. She's the ignoramous that used to work at the dollar store that I got in a.. um.. "disagreement".. with when she began loudly sharing anti-Muslim jokes she'd received on her cellphone in between ringing up customers.

Also, notice all the onlookers peering down the road in anticipation of the big event. They CAN'T WAIT!!!

FINALLY! It took me a minute to get my camera situated. I thought I was recording, but wasn't at first, so you have to kinda squint to see the bagpipe player dude. (I even flash a little thigh, if you look really quick.)

They made the oldest living virgin in Hee-Haw county the Grand Marshall. She's in her 90's.. I think. She served as the town librarian for most of her life, never married, is super dooper religious and I'm sorry... I was a little creeped out by her being paraded through town in a white carriage pulled by a white horse. I half suspected them to toss her in the river as a human sacrifice when it was over.

Yeah.. that was the WHOLE PARADE. I'm pretty sure our Easter Bunny made Jesus cry. And pour himself a Jack and Coke.

And who's that HICK commenting on the sadness of the bunny?
Nevermind :)

Bunnies, chocolate and crucifixions are all fun and stuff, but tomorrow after the ham is digested and the smell of that forgotten egg begins to linger behind the rose bush, make an effort to just be kind.

Do it for me, kay?

Have a Happy Easter ya'll!