Of Yemen, Alyssa Milano and Istanbul

It's rainy and cold in Frog Pond Holler this morning and we're under our first winter storm watch of the season. Today I am thankful for the new tires and my 4x4.

Ma is still at "the place." I talked to one of her docs the other day, a real jerk, and he seemed to think she'd be there for another week or so.

I still haven't cleaned her room. I guess that's how I'll spend my weekend.

Remember the big garden fiasco of last year? Yesterday, T.A. got a visit from the guy who did the initial ground breaking. He said he'd finally gotten a working tiller and wanted permission to come clean up the now ginormous weed patch. There was poke growing in there over six feet tall. Unfortunately, I forgot about the mimosa that had sprouted there, I would have liked to have saved it, but there's more up on the bank. By the time I got home, that big eyesore of a weed patch was gone. I'm debating whether to get out there with the hoe and get some of the rocks out of it before the ground freezes. It'll give me an excuse to look for more archeological treasures like the big quartz scraping tool and pot shards that I already have.

Yes I'm a weirdo. By now you shouldn't be that surprised.

In other news...

I found the PERFECT supplier of earring bits on etsy. I have weird taste and had a hard time finding exactly what I wanted. When I did discover THE shop, I was a little worried because it was in feckin' Istanbul, but I eventually took the leap and ordered a whopping $11 worth of stuff.

Ooooo I like living on the edge.

But then? THEN those feckin' Yemenites or Yemeneese  or whatever decided to try to blow up the U.S. mail like a bunch of jerks. U.S. Customs is probably backed up like a Wisconsin cheese taster. It is taking forever for my crap to get here.  I suspect my little, manila envelope of exotic happy is laying in a pile somewhere or being used as a bomb sniffing dog's new chew toy.

Stupid terrorists.

I can't be hatin' too bad on all of Yemen though. Eddie Izzard was born in Yemen. Betcha didn't know that, did ya?

The worthless information that resides in my brain is endless, people.

In other, other news...

Elections were held Tuesday all over the United States. Honestly, I don't even know who was running for office locally. Here in Hee-Haw County there is already someone screaming about corruption of the polls, the SBI has been notified and there will probably be a recount. The flood of political ads over the past months, the 8 million little cardboard signs littering the road side between here and big city and the ugly accusations and name calling are all just a big carnival side show to me.

I have very little respect for our political system and I did not participate.

If you voted, I assume you researched the candidates and the issues at hand, making an intelligent decision and I applaud you for it. We are lucky to not only have the freedom to chose a candidate in this country, we also enjoy the freedom to remain silent if that's our choice.

For some reason, a few celebrities think their imagined self importance gives THEM the right to insult the American people, simply because their choices differ. On Twitter, @Alyssa_Milano called those who didn't vote a douche and @rainnwilson chose to call those not voting, a dick.

Really? And this is how you use your "celebrity" to make things better? Name calling? What are you.. FIVE?

Get the hell over yourself.


I'm up to my arm pits in new orders.. good news for The Cubicle Asylum, not so good for my blogging. Ya'll have a good one. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!



Anonymous said...

I so hate it when those so called "celebs" think their opinion matters to anyone. We had a local guy here get caught stealing his opponents signs. That is so sad. And even sadder...he won by a landslide. WTF is wrong with that picture.

tiff said...

'backed up like a Wisconsin cheese taster' - excellent.

SNOW?? Yikes!

kenju said...

I agree with Tiff and Tonya.

kenju said...

Oh, and cleaning your mom's room might be sort of like an archeological dig - you never know what you might find in there, right?

Tori Lennox said...

Kenju has a point about your mom's room!