Wonder Woman Birthdays and Hidden Pressies

It's cooled off a little in the holler this morning. It's nice getting to the office without having to scrape the humidity off your body before you can start to work.

The Amazon's 25th birthday is coming up next weekend. Her inner child loses it's mind this time of year, with pleas for Wonder Woman - Batman stuff and Sponge Bob cakes. I still have the Sponge Bob cake pan from a couple of years ago, just in case you think I'd exaggerate.

We've agreed this year that it's just too dang hot in our kitchen to try to do anything too fancy with cake decorating, so she's gracefully accepted to settle for cupcakes.


The child has no shame when it comes to being nosey about presents. She begs for hints, fondles any and all packages that arrive in the mail, pokes, prods and threatens. I've learned to not give any clues, she has a gift for figuring it out. One year at Christmas, I bought an extra pressie, something she'd never asked for and wrapped it up to put under the tree. I didn't put a "to" name on it, hoping she'd just ignore it. When our cat knocked it over on it's side and music started playing, T.A. looked at me and exclaimed "A JEWELRY BOX!!!" well.. I damn near killed that stupid cat.

Now I take extra precautions. I hide things, waiting until the very last minute before I take them out for her to examine.

Yesterday, I got home from work to find a package. T.A. had picked it up from the post office and tossed it aside, assuming it was more free junk I'd signed up for. She was sorta ticked off when she realized she'd been alone, unsupervised, with one of her birthday presents for several hours.

Ha. I win.

Four more packages to come and the only clues she has are that there's an owl, a bunny, a bear, some fish and some trees.

I plan to drive her inner child totally apeshit by her birthday next weekend.

Because it's my job. That's why.

In other, totally unrelated news...

If you scroll down to the very bottom of the page, you'll see a widget doohickey from MyFitnessPal.com. I signed up yesterday and so far I really like it. I don't get anything if you sign up, I'm honestly just sharing because I think it's pretty cool.. and free. If you want to keep up with my last act of desperation before they have to build a casket around my bed and cut a whole in my wall when I die like they did for the "real" Mahala decision to lose a few pounds, you can see my progress (if any) at the bottom of the page.

Notice the big fat 0.

Rome wasn't built in a day.. and neither was I. So there.


TGIF ya'll. Let's muddle through and get this one behind us. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!!


tiff said...

You're a good mommy. :)

Aarin said...

hello. dis be the amazon's friend Aarin. i wanna get her something for her bday but its only appropriate if you've gotten her something specific. please email me at yarrowpyxie@gmail.com so we can discuss it

BetteJo said...

I swear my daughter can guess what's in a box without ever touching it. It's tough!