Putting On My Big Girl Panties

It's a gawd almighty gullywasher in the holler right now, it sounds like the all hell's breaking loose. 

It's also very cleansing. 

I've spent most of the weekend rehashing Friday's events at the Cubicle Asylum. After re-reading Bossman's meeting notes, I spent all day today writing an eight page letter responding to each of his allegations.I tried to make it as non-confrontational as possible, sticking to facts other than emotions. I also mentioned his use of racial slurs and violently aggressive remarks to me concerning other employees. I took some stuff out, then put it back in, worried that I'm opening a ginormous can of worms, but dangit, he threatened my job. I'm tired of being intimidated. 

I'm going to wait until the GM gets in before I give Bossman his copy. I want witnesses. It's going to get ugly. I'm also sending a copy to HR, per Renn's suggestion.

I talk a good game ya'll, but I'm scared beyond shitless. 

I want to thank everyone for the offers to punch Bossman, burn him alive, kick his ass and otherwise render him harmless. It kept me giggling all weekend. 

I suppose the worse that can happen is that I'll lose my job. Just typing that causes a huge knot to well up in my chest, but I have to stand up for myself this time. 44 years of letting pathetic little men intimidate me has to end at some point. 

It has to.

I'll keep ya'll posted. Ya'll keep your fingers crossed. 

We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!