Heartless, Blind and Sleepy

It's a rainy and gray Monday morning in Frog Pond Holler. We're under flood warnings here while the creek is running wild and muddy after the weekend's rainstorms.

I was surprised to see Bossman's car in The Asylum parking lot when I pulled up, he left on Friday to have some heart tests done and really thought he'd either be having one of those balloon thingies this morning or worse, heart surgery again. When he left, he was scared shitless, but this morning he reports that they didn't find anything wrong.

There's a joke in there somewhere about being heartless, but I'm going on a couple hours sleep and I forgot my glasses, so you'll have to figure it out yourself.

Over the weekend, I hacked on the forsythia bush some more. I've got some cheap hedge clippers and the mess I've created by blindly chopping away at the ginormous growth is probably a crime against nature, but I'm sure it'll grow back. I'd send you a picture, but Ayla ate my camera.

We also set out some cucumber plants at the end of the house and along the ramp. Just planting that little bit kicked my keister, if I'd started a whole big garden as planned, I'd probably be in traction. By the time I piddled around inside all day Saturday, I was worn out. I wasn't worth a plug nickel yesterday.

Sometime Saturday, Ma informed me that they were delivering her bed today. You'll remember she said the same thing last week but I never saw hide nor hair of a bed. There's no telling who she's calling and what's being delivered, if anything.

I'll worry about it when and if they show up.

My lack of sleep last night is partially due to assorted aches and pains and some of it is because of a certain, large, hairy beast who's decided that if she sits beside the bed at 1a.m., stares in my face and barks manically I'll get up. Around 3a.m. I started questioning my decision to get such a big, obnoxious dog but it's easy to forget she's still a pup. This morning when my alarm went off, I reached up to hit the snooze button and Ayla hopped up on the bed and curled up against me for snuggles.

Yeah.. the puppy stuff is only temporary. Someday I'll look back on this and laugh.

I really wish she hadn't eaten my camera though.


It's going to be an interesting morning without my glasses, I didn't realize how blind I'd gotten. I'm sure I'll get by. I'm not going anywhere near the sandwich shop. I didn't see that sign with my glasses on.

Ya'll have a good one. If you have to have a Monday, at least you can make it your biatch.

Later Taters!!

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BetteJo said...

I had to turn around and go back home if I had forgotten my glasses.
Hope it worked out!