Big Ol' Hooters Only Get You So Far

There's a bright, yellow-white orb hovering over Frog Pond Holler this morning, I thought it was an alien invasion, but apparently it's just the sun. I haven't seen it in so long, I'd forgotten what it looked like. The °45 temps are almost like a tropic blast, inspiring me to dig up a tank top and shorts.

Just around the house. I'm not going out dressed like this.

It seems my trashy big boobed cousin with the lazy eye, her youngin and her internet-N.Y. husband aren't speaking to any of us since The Amazon refused to let her have her debit card number. It doesn't surprise me, it's just how they roll. I couldn't care less about any of them but the youngin. It's sad they've dragged her into their crazy.

I know, everyone says their family is messed up. Then they meet mine and realize theirs isn't really that bad.

T.B.B. has a history of creating drama, from admitting her first pregnancy was intentional to try to "trap herself a man" to her nearly going to jail over a stolen tobacco crop.

God forbid she should just get a damn job. She'd rather hook up with some triflin' thing just like herself who won't work and who's only skill is making excuses.

I guess eventually she'll figure out that big ol' hooters will only get you so far in life.


I took Ayla and Sammy back to the vet yesterday morning, Ayla for her last puppy shot, Sammy for a second shot for mange. I took a half a nerve pill before I went, trying to avoid the massive cold sweat anxiety fit I usually have when I go, but I ended up seeing the sweet, used-to-be-sexy-until-he-got-married, put-on-weight-and-shaved-his-head-vet who shares my love for big dogs. He fawned over Ayla and told her how lucky she was and stuff.

He definitely knows how to put people at ease.

Both are healthy and getting fat and sassy, Pupzilla has gained five pounds in two weeks and Sammy's skin is silky soft.

Other than that, I've been kinda taking it easy this weekend. I've piddled around the house, napped and piddled some more. I plan more of the same today.

I hope ya'll have had a great weekend so far. We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!

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BetteJo said...

So on what God's green earth did they think they had the right to The Amazon's debit card?!?!? Amazing!

Sounds like all is good on the pup (both of 'em) front, and you're sounding kind of right-minded yourself! Yay!