Arizona Dreamin'

Happy Hump Day

I promise I won't talk about my impending death from the Black Plague cold symptoms or the apocalyptic implications of all the mother freakin' snow falling on the holler this morning. I'm getting sick of hearing myself talk about it.

Soooo what does that leave us?

*crickets chirping*

It's been a while since we got caught up with everything around the holler, so shall we?

Here at the Asylum it's business as usual. Sales are up, which is nice but it also means I'm having to actually work, cutting into my innerwebby socializing, but I've been keeping my nose to the grindstone as much as I can. If I fall behind, they may decide it's time to bring Bubbles back.


Around town, everyone's talking about how cold it is, how much snow we've gotten and how much more is on the way. Down at the dollar store yesterday (I needed some of those lotion infused tissues for my nose,) Miss Kay and the new cashier were discussing how many fogs we'd had in the fall, because all the old folks swear the fog predicts how much snow you'll get come winter.

And apparently.. we had a butt load of fog.

When I got home from the dollar store and told T.A. about Miss Kay, the child flipped out on me. I didn't know that Miss Kay, T.A.'s coworker down at the Pump N' Go, had called in to say she couldn't get out to come to work because of the icy roads. I had to stop T.A. from calling her boss to tattle, she was peeved that he'd had to come in to cover for Miss Kay with his bad knee replacement giving him fits already. He and Miss Kay have already come close to locking horns once or twice. I guess it bears mentioning that Miss Kay is also the owner's mother and that her family has owned that gas station, in one form or another, for at least 50 years. T.A.'s boss (the manager with the bad knee, not the owner) also happens to be Thelma's dad, for those of you trying to keep up with the intricate interconnections of family trees in the holler.

Back at the trailer, I've been entertained for hours on end by the Wii Fit I got T.A. for Christmas. Not by using it, but sitting on the couch watching her use it. Have you ever seen someone trying to find their balance with a new yoga pose just as a psycho kitty appears from nowhere, running up their pant leg and latching on to their belly with their front claws?

It's way more entertaining than television.

As for me, aside from some sudden, spastic coughing spells, I'm feeling much better. I finally slept last night, although I dreamed of moving to Phoenix with T.A. and Ma in tow and shacking up with some weird, long haired redneck lookin' dudes.

It must be the Benadryl. I don't know anyone in Phoenix nor have I ever had a desire to live there.

Anywho.. I'd better get to work. All my trays are over flowing into each other 'til it looks like one ginormous mass of paper.

Happy Humpday ya'll.

We'll talk again soon.

Later Taters!!


LindaN said...

*lol* And i that find it entertaining enough to watch people on wii even without a cat, lucky woman!

tiff said...

Phoenix = no snow. EVER.

Dream, analyzed. :)

AZJazzyJ said...

whoa, I'm in Phoenix!

kenju said...

I think Tiff is on to something. Meds or not, I think you're fantasizing about hot weather!

Aarin said...

poor amazon being attacked by cat-ula while tryin to get healthy

b.fez said...

Actually, it does snow here in Phoenix once in a blue moon, but it melts within 5 minutes of the storm passing, and storms go fast here - usually within 20 - 30 minutes. The high desert is very pretty with snow on it. I miss snow, but not wind and ice. Brrrr!

BetteJo said...

Now how does someone who works in 2 public places expect to get away with lying about not being able to get out of their house ... oh never mind. Miss Kay isn't so bright, is she?